Teaching Our Children Boundaries That Others Should Not Step Beyond

Teaching our children boundaries is so important to me, but it is not only the boundaries that they shouldn’t step beyond, it is also teaching them the boundaries that other people shouldn’t overstep with them. Our children, I believe, need to the learn to use the word NO, and to say, “Please don’t do that because it makes me feel uncomfortable”, and, “I quite simply don’t like it”. People take liberties with children and so often go one step too far because invariably children don’t know how to say no in an authoritative enough way to make an adult understand… [Read More]

The Secret To Being The Perfect Parent Is…

The secret to being the perfect parent is…  (drum roll please) … cue hushed whispers and much anticipation… To know there is no such thing as a perfect parent! Image Okay, before you write in with fury and ire, angry at us for leading you down a false path, please try and understand the point of this article. Perfection is impossible to attain, so don’t assume you will get there, and don’t listen to what the parenting experts say, be they the super nannies on the television or the so-called ‘experts’ at the school gates. You are human after all,… [Read More]

Why the way you speak to your child matters

When we become parents, we spend a lot of time thinking about how our children speak to us and how we can help them to behave. When they need discipline, we correct their behaviour and we make sure that when they want something they show manners and grace to get it. We move children away from rude behaviour and yet, while we’re doing all this, it’s rare that we think about what we say as parents, and how we say it. It’s very hard to view what we are doing objectively, because as far as we’re concerned, we’re right. Ask… [Read More]

I’m Sure My Children Think I Have Special Powers

I have been a father for 23 years and over those years there have been times when I have wondered if my children think I have special powers to put everything right that may not be right in their lives. Truth is of course I don’t, not even close to it. I have, like so many other parents, been making it up over the last 23 years, and yes you have guessed it, I am still making it up on a daily basis. Parenting is a minefield and the problems are there constantly, they are just a different set of… [Read More]

Dreaming Big is Good

Teaching our children from an early age to dream and dream big is easily one of the most important life lessons and skills that as parents we should be teaching our children in my humble opinion. Teaching our children to dream about being the next best footballer, nuclear scientist, CEO of Google or to be a charity worker in some of the most troubled parts of the world. It is vital in my opinion so that they can reach their full potential in life and don’t end up selling themselves short, or have that feeling of if only I pushed… [Read More]

Do We Protect Our Daughters More Than Our Sons?

Being a dad I have often wondered if we instinctively protect our daughters more than we do our sons. Is it something that is inherited in us, possibly from our parents, that our daughters need looking after more? Is there more chance that harm can happen to our daughters than our sons in today’s world? Of course this is probably an outdated view that belongs in the 1950’s when women were considered fragile and timid. It was a completely different world then, but are we treating our daughters differently? To a large extent I guess we are. I am certainly… [Read More]

Why I think It’s Not Ok! To Argue In Front Of Your Children

The other day I read a post that was written by Carl who blogs at Dadtastic voyage called Why Arguing In Front Of Your Kids Isn’t Always A Bad Thing. First of all I loved the post and I think the argument he shows is valid and he makes some very important points about how your children should see that we can’t all get on all the time it’s the nature of the human being to disagree with others at different times, so total respect to Carl but I feel there is a big difference between arguing in front of… [Read More]

As A Parent We…

As a parent sometimes we get it right, sometimes we get wrong. Sometimes our judgement is wrong, as of course we can judge it just right. As a parent we sign up to help love and care for our children until they become adults and we are no longer needed on a daily basis. As a parent we argue and disagree with our children and then of course we have laughter and fun with them. As a parent we try our best to help our children achieve their dreams. Trying always to remember it’s their dreams they must follow not… [Read More]