As A Parent We…

As a parent sometimes we get it right, sometimes we get wrong. Sometimes our judgement is wrong, as of course we can judge it just right. As a parent we sign up to help love and care for our children until they become adults and we are no longer needed on a daily basis. As a parent we argue and disagree with our children and then of course we have laughter and fun with them. As a parent we try our best to help our children achieve their dreams. Trying always to remember it’s their dreams they must follow not… [Read More]

Be A Better Son: 5 Ways To Prove You’re No.1

Much of the success you’ve achieved in life can be attributed to your parents. So, now that you are successful, it’s only natural that you want to give something back. Frankly, becoming a better son should be a priority for every modern man. Unfortunately, knowing how to achieve that goal can feel like a minefield. Until now. Do these five simple things, and those ‘#1 Son’ mugs sitting in your kitchen will start to feel genuine. Let’s get started. Credit Be A Better Sibling   All parents want their kids to get along with each other. So, maintaining a strong… [Read More]

Accepting Your Children Are Adults OMG! It’s Tough

There comes a time when you sit back and in the blink of an eye your children have become adults. It almost gives you a feeling of being redundant as a parent. Yes, you are in the background and there are possibly times when your adult children come to you for advice or help, but sadly those moments are very rare. Your children are adults and the decisions they make about their lives is theirs. You are no longer consulted or asked if it is the right thing to do. Of course that is the way it should be. We… [Read More]

Don’t Listen To So Called Parenting Experts: Do It Your Way

The internet, social media and blogging is full of advice about the right or wrong way to be a parent, of which the only useful tips you could write on a postage stamp. Being a father of five children I have long since given up listening or believing anything that is written about how to parent, simply because I follow my own instincts and will always go with my initial gut instinct because after 23 years of parenting I have come to the conclusion that my gut instinct will be invariably right. Although I would be the first to admit… [Read More]

Summer Holidays Lollypops And The Sunshine: Entertaining the Kids

Six long weeks of school holidays! How do we entertain the children? Yes, it’s that age old question. We have 42 days to fill and make sure our children don’t get bored. In today’s world there is a massive emphasis on constantly trying to find things for children to do, which amazes me if I’m honest. I remember when I was a child how very little was done to entertain me. Most of the time I was left to my own devices and it was up to me to entertain myself, which in all honesty was never very difficult. I… [Read More]

My Son Is On A Lads Holiday. Oh, The Worry And Fear!

Yesterday my 19 year old son went on his first lads holiday abroad with four of his friends, and the worry and fear that is consuming me is incredible! I’m not quite sure why, but the next 7 days can’t go quick enough for me and I can’t wait until he is back home. My two oldest daughters both went on holiday abroad with their friends, and yes I was worried, but it was not the same. Girls abroad can be just as wild I know that, but girls tend to look after each other, whereas lads just don’t. Well,… [Read More]

OMG! Where Has The Last 23 Years Gone

My eldest daughter turned 23 years old at the beginning of July and I thought to myself, OMG! Where have the last 23 years gone? The years really do flash by in the blink of an eye. For me it really only feels like yesterday that I would sit on the patio and count the stars with her on a summer’s night at sunset, and try to pass on some words of wisdom to her, although we have had this conservation on a few occasions recently about how when she was four years old she would sit with me on… [Read More]

When Do You Stop Bailing Out Your Children?

When I was growing up I had very little. Money was always an issue. The truth is my mother didn’t have very much, and as the years went by I just accepted that what I was brought by my mother was what she could afford. The truth is I didn’t know any different, so I was always grateful because it was the norm to me. Being showered with gifts on a daily basis was definitely not me. As a child, on occasion I got myself in a bit of bother, whether it be financially or something else. I was left… [Read More]