Construction Tools Every Builder Should Own

When it comes to creating an ideal construction tool kit, there are many essentials that every builder should own to bring about a higher efficiency in work and better performance. Apart from bringing ease into a builder’s life, the use of right tools for the job also ensures superior quality of work.
Starting off with the basics, the first thing you need to invest in are comfortable boots with solid impact protection. Steel toe boots are the most famous example of protective footwear. Also, ensure that you put on a safety helmet, protective goggles and protective gloves to enhance your performance (tool handling and safety).

The Basics

Measuring Tape
The first and most important basic tool you must have in your tool kit is a measuring tape. Every construction project requires taking quite a few measurements in order to ensure perfection. Contemporary measuring tapes come with lasers to provide highly precise and accurate measurements.

Knives & Cutters
Blades make for yet another necessity that should be a part of any steel building kits. From opening the securely sealed packs to cutting ropes and strings, there are so many tasks that become simple and easy with the right knife or cutter in your kit. Make sure the blades are sharp and clean.

Hammer & Screwdrivers
Not much of an explanation needed here, but as it is easy to overlook the most obvious things it helps to have a checklist that includes these essentials. You will need a whole set of screwdrivers plus a box of nails.

Levelling Tools
There are many levelling tools available, including the carpenter’s level and the laser level tool. Again, it is all about ensuring perfection from the very first step. It is better to measure twice then having to tear the whole thing apart.

Having a handsaw or an electric saw is just as important as having a basic blade in your kit. A lot of things will require cutting and chopping during construction, and what’s more helpful than having a power saw to save you time and energy.

Advanced Tools

After you’ve got the basics sorted, you need to consider what advanced tools you’ll need. One thing that’s also worth noting is that as well as tools, you should also have contacts. As your career as a builder advances and your client base grows, you may be expected to conduct more extensive projects. If for example your client wants a steel building, get in touch with a steel building retailer like Having a range of contacts at your disposal will help to ensure you can deliver all of your clients wishes. Now, let’s take a look at what advanced tools you can add to your kit:

Every builder has a collection of screwdrivers and other tools that are used for screwing bits and bobs together. This has always been a hassle in case you own non-magnetic tools. With a magnetizer, you can turn your ordinary screw drivers into temporary magnets to support your work in close quarters.

Compact Air Compressor
This is a must-have in case you have multiple pneumatic tools in your building kits. These tools compress air and deliver it as a power source for your pneumatic tools. Pneumatic tools increase the productivity tenfold and bring ease while saving plenty of time.

Resizable Clamps
Every construction builder with any sort of steel building kit has a pair of clamps to hold things together. The advantage of having a pair of resizable clamps is that space is better utilised in your kit and you have a pair of extra hands available at all times.

Air Nailer
This is a very important tool in case you are working at a site that requires nailing things together. It saves a lot of energy and drives the nail in straight. This tool is excellent as it can be operated with one hand and the risk of injury is almost eliminated. You should still follow safety tips though!

Portable Welder
This is another essential tool that every constructor should have in the kit. There are always instances when you need to join two separate steel parts together and at this point having a portable welding machine can save you immense amount of hassle in the future.
The above are just some of the most important construction tools builders should own. Remember to get in touch with reputable steel vendors to get the best prices and materials for all your construction needs.

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