How to Build a Retaining Wall

Surrounding our homes and businesses, and often barely acknowledged, retaining walls can be a crucial part of any property. Whether they’re being used for boundary purposes, decorative reasons or even to keep soil and water at bay, they must be laid properly in order to function as well as they can. Here, the team from iMix are going to detail the various steps required in order to install a retaining wall on your property. 1. Area measurement The first step is to measure out the area that you want your wall to cover. The easiest way to do this is… [Read More]

Home Security Tips, Crime Prevention and Home Safety

Your home should be your safe place where you can relax and unwind after a difficult day. Unfortunately things can go wrong even at home. You can even be targeted by burglars. In fact a burglary takes place about every 18 seconds in the US. Fortunately, thanks to the second amendment you have the right to protect your home with a gun; providing you have obtained it legally. There are several ways in which you can secure your home: Get A Gun You can visit a local store for your weapon and then visit to locate the right accessories…. [Read More]

Top Tips For Re-Wiring Your Home

The decision to re-wire your home is never one that should be taken lightly. This is a time consuming, disruptive and potentially dangerous project. Unless you have experience dealing with electricity then this is not something you should do yourself. You should also be aware that there are regulations regarding re-wiring which must be adhered to. You can check with your local authority what these are exactly. The concept of electricity as we know it was first discovered in 1752 by Benjamin Franklin. Since then Thomas Edison invented the light bulb and now electricity is everywhere! Here are the top… [Read More]

Heating Your Home: Gas Or Electric?

If you live in a country like the UK, which I do, then unfortunately you have to put up with many months of cold weather. In fact, the temperature rarely raises above zero degrees for quite possibly three to four months in a year. Also, there is no doubt that sometimes in the summer months it can get cold, so you need to take the chill off in your home. With smart technology in the home now becoming more available, it’s fantastic that you can turn your heating on before you arrive home, so that when you do get home… [Read More]

How to Combat Draught in Your Home Extension

It can be a great idea to build an extension to your home. This is one way to increase the amount of living space you have, which is especially useful if you have a growing family. It’s also a means of increasing your property’s value. But how do you make sure your new room is up to the same standard of the rest of your home? And how do you ensure that it doesn’t adversely affect other rooms? Well, to answer these questions it’s probably best to look at just one area, and we’re going to focus on draught. This… [Read More]

The Pros and Cons of Using an Online Estate Agent

When you decide it’s time to sell your family home, you can face uncertainty and worry. As well as trying to make your property look more appealing to buyers, you have the added stress of finding your new home, and trying to ensure that the move has as little effect on your children as possible. Before, you may have contacted your local high street estate agent and asked for a valuation. Now, there are online estate agents, too. If you have not used an online agent before, here are the pros and cons to help you decide between online and… [Read More]

5 reasons to choose wooden office furniture.

Surrounding yourself with natural materials in your work environment not only looks great, it simply feels like a better place to work. Synthetic materials just don’t give off the same vibe. Many say it even increases productivity as a calm and natural environment invariably leads to an atmosphere that you are more comfortable to work in which impacts positively on creativity. Here are 5 good reasons why to deck out your office with wooden furniture. 1. Elegance There can be no doubt, the human eye can usually tell what appears natural and what does not. For sheer elegance, natural materials… [Read More]

Tips For Removing A Radiator When Decorating

Over the years I have often been asked to remove radiators before decorating. As such this is now second nature to me, but there was a time when I first became self-employed as a painter and decorator that I didn’t quite know what I was doing. On one such occasion many years ago I was decorating a kitchen and I had to wallpaper all the walls. You can of course just wallpaper around so that you just pass the radiator. and the chances are nobody would know any different. For me that’s simply not good enough. I’m a perfectionist and for… [Read More]