Kitchen Blinds – Should Be Easy To Clean

Making sure you have the right blind for your kitchen can be difficult. They should look great and be extremely practical. An important thing to take into account is your cleaning routine. As it isn’t a good idea to choose a set of blinds which are problematic to clean as they are bound to get dirty whilst you are cooking. For the best results, We would recommended a roller blind as they are extremely simple to keep clean. But, there are many people who are choosing wooden window blinds because they are immune to rapid temperature changes, not only this… [Read More]

Renovation 101: What Resources to Use When Hiring a Contractor

When building or taking on a renovation project, the most important person you can count on is your contractor. They are the middle-man for your needs, constantly working between your vision and the construction of the project itself, meaning that their understanding and input is vital to the final product. They are in charge of the labor, pricing, materials, you name it. This makes them a kind of collaborator with your project because as much as it is your design, it is up to their execution. When on the hunt to find the right contractor for you, here are some… [Read More]

DIY Jobs Around The Home Seem To Go On Forever

When you own your own home the one thing that never seems to end is the constant list of DIY jobs around the home. I know it certainly never ends for me. If anything it seems to me the list grows bigger on a daily basis. One thing I have always found though is that you’re never able to do a one stop shop for everything you need to complete all your DIY jobs either at the shops or online. It seems I am forever having to go to different shops or different websites to complete the DIY job around… [Read More]

Easy Home Upgrades to Ensure Your Child’s Safety

Everything changes the moment you welcome a child to this world. That tiny human will change your life. While nothing will ever truly prepare you for the challenges, pains, joys, and the fulfilling journey of being a parent, you try to give only the best for your little one. At the core of everything is safety. If only parents can watch over their kids and hold their hands 24/7, they will. But that is not always the case. In the US, more than 3.4 million children experience accidental household injury every year. Some of the leading causes include choking, drowning,… [Read More]

Want a simple Life? Add These Technologies to Your New Home

We all want to come home after work and school run to chill and relax, and spend some great time with the family. However, not all homes are designed the same, so you might need to make some smart alterations to the design to suit your needs and your kids’. In case you are thinking about moving house, there are a couple of things you should consider adding to your home to make your life easier and more relaxed. Home Automation image via Pixabay No matter if you are away most of the day or want to make sure that… [Read More]

6 Important Things to Look for in a Family Home

When you are looking for a family home there are several things you should consider. Whether you already have children or are planning for them, the right home can make life easier and more comfortable for the whole family. Image source Location The location of the property is very important to parents especially. Is it near to local good schools? Will commuting to work be simple enough, without dragging your journey out longer than it needs to be? Are the other conveniences close by such as shops, play areas and doctors? When you have got children you do not want to… [Read More]

Unexpected Moments When I Needed Money Quickly

When you first get married and have bought or are renting your first home, there is a lot of expense and there is no doubt it’s very tough to balance the books. Sometimes I felt as though we were robbing Peter to pay Paul, and it always seemed forever until our next pay cheque. The consequences of this meant that I always found that within a week of payday, I’d run out of money. Quite often the only solution back in the day was to ask mum or dad for a loan. Thankfully things have changed since then, and nowadays… [Read More]

I Have Been Nominated For An Amara IBA18 Award I Would Love Your Vote!

Somebody has very kindly put me forward for an award in the Amara interior blog awards, more commonly known as the IBA18 awards. I have been nominated in the Best DIY & Home Improvement Blog Category. It’s always an honour to be considered for an award, and to be nominated has totally shocked me if I’m completely honest, but for all of that I’m over the moon. It really has made my day! When I first started my blog four years ago I wanted to split the content between DIY and parenting, and I have always tried to maintain that… [Read More]