Top Part Time Income Sources You Can Pursue With Your Day Jobo

Not many people consider their time as their most precious commodity. Those who do are exponentially more successful than their counterparts. Whether you’re an entrepreneur at heart or just a smart human who knows how to convert time into income streams, this is the ideal era to be living in. Internet, cloud powered apps, flexible work rules, and a general sense of acceptance for innovative ventures – all these factors fuse together to create an ideal ecosystem for enterprising people to set up multiple income streams. Don’t stick to your office job, particularly when there are so many proven effective… [Read More]

Video Special: Cleaning Your Carpets With Rug Doctor Products And Deep Carpet Cleaner #Ad

When you have five children your carpets are guaranteed to get dirty, and cleaning them is something that you should be doing on a regular basis. When you do clean them you will be shocked at how much dirt and grime comes out of your carpet. I know I was shocked when I recently cleaned our bedroom carpet. I have teamed up with Rug Doctor, and they recently sent me a selection of cleaning products, and the all new Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner to review. When you have six year old twin girls who quite often run around the… [Read More]

How To Save Money As A Homeowner

Owning a house is one of life’s biggest luxuries. You get to live in a place you call home, and there’s never any worry about paying rent or being kicked out because the landlord wants to sell. More importantly than that, owning a home helps you create a stable place for your children to grow up. You’ve put all your eggs in one basket and settled down in a nice family-friendly location, making it easier for them to go about their life. As if all this wasn’t already enough, you’ve also got a very valuable asset that can come in… [Read More]

How Technology Can Help With Home Maintenance

When I was growing up and in the early days of doing my job as a painter and decorator, I would find out how to do a particular job by watching an experienced painter and decorator, but the world has changed. We now have the internet and you can literally find out anything when it comes to home maintenance. Technology has definitely helped everybody in that respect, including me. So I have teamed up with EON’s Master of your own home campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to show how home owners and renters are not confident in tackling… [Read More]

Making Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Nowadays we have to start to be more aware of the environment and the best place to start is in our home. If we all make little steps to make our homes eco-friendly, this will create a big step to improve the world for all of us, and more importantly for our children and future generations. So here are my tips for trying to make your home just a little bit more eco-friendly. 1. Solar Panels These may be expensive to install, but the long term benefits are huge, especially with cost of the energy you’ll save. Of course you’re… [Read More]

Summer Garden Party For My Six Year Old Twin Girls And Their Friends

With the school summer holidays fast approaching, which are around six weeks long, I thought I would start to plan ahead and decide what sort of things we can arrange and plan. The one thing my six year old twin girls have asked for this particular summer holidays is a garden party where they can see friends and catch up with them and find out what they have been doing during the summer holidays, and I think is a fabulous idea. I have also teamed up with Swizzels the makers of some of our most famous sweets. To make sure… [Read More]

How To Create The Perfect Adult Bedroom

As a parent, it’s likely that your home is overrun by children’s toys, socks, shoes, sweetie wrappers, and generally anything else that you can find in your home when you’ve got children. There’s nothing better than a well lived in home, so you wouldn’t want it any different. However, there should always be a space for the adults to kick back and relax without the children’s belongings over running the space that you’re in. This room is usually your bedroom, and if yours is in dire need of an update, take a look at these tips and ideas on how… [Read More]

Building Your Own DIY Conservatory

As your family grows we are all looking for more room within our home. Rooms that felt large when you moved in all those years usually without children, begin to feel like the walls are closing in and getting smaller by the day. It can also be nice to have somewhere where you can create a space that is for entertaining or somewhere your children can go when their friends come to visit. We all know what teenagers especially are like. They don’t like sitting in the same room as their parents and talking to their friends while their parents… [Read More]