Keeping Your Home Cosy And Warm During

It seems that our winters are getting colder year on year and it really is not unusual for temperatures to drop well below freezing on a regular basis. It also pretty common now to have snow right across the country every year. When I get home from work all I want is to walk into a nice warm and cosy home. When you shut the front door, you want to shut out the cold winter months and curl up on the sofa in a lovely warm home. So, the last thing you want is for your home to not be… [Read More]

It’s Time To Buy Some New Furniture For Our Home

Our twin girls turn seven years old very soon and looking around our home, it has become apparent that our furniture has started to look very worn out and tired. The dining room table, coffee table, sofa and sideboard have now been completely personalised by the girls with crayons, felt-tips and more paint than I care to mention. The girls have now gone beyond that stage of the messier the activity the better, the more paint on the walls or furniture or everywhere else is definitely much more exciting than painting on a piece of paper. The toddler stage is… [Read More]

What is Social Housing?

Pretty much everybody has heard the term ‘social housing’ used, however many people don’t really know what it entails, what it takes to qualify for social housing, and what your options are if you’re rejected for social housing. Social housing isn’t as black and white as simply receiving a house from the council, there are different factors and options to consider – however the first step to applying is heading to your local council website and filling in the application form.  Qualifying for Social Housing  Before you can qualify for social housing there is criteria which must be hit. This… [Read More]

The Stress Of Moving Home

Over the years I have moved house more times than I can count. This was something that started when I was a child. We seemed to be moving house every other week. Part of the reason for this was my mother used to rent and we seemed to change homes every few months. I always said that this would never happen when I grew up, even as a child, I knew all too well the stress of moving house. Never seeming to have my own bedroom for longer than six months always made me feel unsettled. Unfortunately the cycle of… [Read More]

5 Lifesaving Tips for Moving House with Kids

Moving into a new home is always stressful but moving with young children has its own unique challenges. There are, however, many ways you can make the process of moving house easier for your kids, which will help lower your own stress levels. Here are five tips to make moving with children as easy as possible.  1: Pack Early  Start packing much earlier than you think you need to. Even if you’ve moved house before. Moving with kids is a much lengthier process due to the additions of your children’s clothes and toys, and the kids themselves may also slow… [Read More]

Is It Time For You To Finally Get That Home Office You Need?

When you’re someone that works from home, you probably know that you should have an office. But because most of the time, when you first get started it’s on the side, you may not always get around to this. Because when you do get the time to work as a busy parent, the last thing you’re thinking about is where you’ll work from. Whether you have a blog or you work freelance or you have your own business, you’ll probably just grab the laptop and get to work. On the sofa or at the dining room table. But, secretly, it’s… [Read More]

How Do I Know My Electrical Panel Needs an Upgrade?

Customers often ask if they should upgrade their electrical panel. Some reasons are obvious, but others may not be immediately so. A professional electrician can help you determine if an upgrade is necessary. They can troubleshoot and evaluate electrical panels and components as well in many cases. If you’re not sure whether your panel should be upgraded, here are some clues:  Sparking A sparking electrical panel is unsettling at the very least. Sizzling, popping, crackling, and static sounds are hard to miss. If a circuit breaker is sparking, turn off the main breaker to avoid further damage. Sparking is caused… [Read More]

Why We Should Be Keeping the Environment in Mind During Construction Works 

As the world’s population creeps closer to 10 billion people, the demand for housing, roads, and new buildings will only rise. It probably doesn’t surprise you to hear that this construction has a considerable impact on the environment, but what can we do about it? As we gain a better understanding of how human development affects the world around us, building companies such as Eaglewood Homes are making sure to think of the environment when they construct new homes. Here a few of the most environmental problems with construction and how new technology can help us solve them. To Save… [Read More]