5 Budget-Friendly but Financially Rewarding Home Upgrades

Convert. Extend. Add. Repair. Transform. There’s an endless stream of activity that can enhance your home’s look and feel and add value, of course.  Image If a major remodelling or renovation looks expensive, you can focus on smaller projects that won’t cost as much but will deliver the desired results in the long run.  Worthwhile Home Improvements Paint Give your home’s interior and exterior a fresh coat of paint in the right tones or hues. Consider the 2018 Zillow Paint Colors Analysis, which takes into account over 135,000 photos of homes listed and sold in the US in an eight-year… [Read More]

How to Sleep Better: The Ultimate Guide for Parents Who Desperately Need Sleep

We all know that sleep can be difficult to come by when you have children. It’s so cruel, it really is the time when we need it most to be at our best for our kids but also a time when enjoying it can be the most difficult thing to do. We’ve put together a guide for those who desperately need sleep to help them achieve great sleep. All based in science, these tips should have you sleeping like a baby in no time. Be Your Own Little Sleep Study Keep a log of when you go to bed, when… [Read More]

How To Create The Perfect Home For Your Family

It’s really important to create a nice, comfortable place to live for your family. Whether you’re just starting one or you’re raising older kids, they need to love their home just like you do. Raising a family isn’t easy, and life can feel pretty tricky sometimes when things just aren’t falling into place. In those moments, it’s great to have somewhere you know you can truly call your own. So, how do you start doing this? How do you create the perfect home for your family? This isn’t an easy question to answer, but there are plenty of ways you… [Read More]

4 shabby chic decorating ideas that will transform your home

Shabby chic decor is a popular interior design trend, and if you’re eager to introduce this theme to your home, you’re in luck. Keep reading for four easy tips on how you can successfully transform your space in this way. 1. Make a style statement with antique-looking furniture If you’re keen to transform your home into a vintage haven, make sure you go for antique-looking furniture. When you’re shopping for pieces to add to your spaces, keep an eye out for furnishings with features such as carved detailing and curved, distressed edges. If you’re not sure where to start, it… [Read More]

Guide on Best Mattresses for Parents with Back Pain

Millions of people around the world suffer from chronic back pain. Many of the victims are parents and their long painful days can seem like torture. If you are a parent who is looking to relieve some of this chronic back pain, the solution may be as simple as purchasing a new mattress. While previous common knowledge led parents to believe that purchasing the firmest mattress available on the market would relieve back pain, there has never been any research to prove the theory. However, sleep professionals have identified specific mattress traits and features that are better when it comes… [Read More]

I Really Need A Home Office

Over the years my blog has grown and I now find it difficult to do everything I need to do for a successfully run blog on the kitchen table or the sofa. This has led me to thinking that maybe I should have an office within our home. This will be quite difficult to accommodate, but what we do have in our home is a very large lounge and I believe within this area I will be able to make a space which will become my home office. Of course the decisions I will need to make is to find… [Read More]

Guide To Upgrading Your Home In An Affordable Way

We do love making our house a home don’t we. But the decision on what to do to upgrade your home and how much is it going to cost are common for us to wonder about? This guide will look at several options of how to upgrade your home in a way that’s affordable and good for your property, so let’s look at the options before us. Build An Extension To be fair this doesn’t sound like a method of doing up your home in an affordable way, however it’s important to take a long term view as the added… [Read More]

Chester A Perfect Place For A Day Out Or Some Retail Therapy

I’m lucky enough to have family living very close to Chester which means that over the years I have had many opportunities to wander around one of the most beautiful and interesting towns in Cheshire. If you are ever in the region of Cheshire, Chester is a town that you must visit. The town dates back to Roman times and has a vast array of historical sites that I would recommend visiting. Cheshire is a vibrant area, plus it’s growing and becoming a very popular place to live. Many house builders such as Laurus Homes Cheshire have developments that have… [Read More]