Innovative Ways to Fund Those Big Home Renovations

Need a new kitchen? Finally got time to add that extension to your home? Then you must know it’s going to cost you big time. Ensuring you are financially prepared for such large home renovations is vital so that you don’t get half way through the project and have to give up. Saving up can take a lot of time but there are many other ways you can fund such big and expensive home improvements. Cash in Investments If you’ve been investing for a few years now, whether in stocks and shares, bonds, precious metals or any other assets, then… [Read More]

A Feature Wall Is A Must Have In Every Home

I have always considered myself a bit different when it comes to decorating in my home. This most likely comes from doing my job as a painter and decorator, which I’ve been doing for the last 20 years. I have so often seen people play it safe when decorating their homes because they worry too much about not liking the end result. Quite often my advice is to be brave, take a risk, show your personality and character, and don’t follow trends or fads. One of the ways that you can show all of the personality and character that you… [Read More]

Refreshing Your Bedroom with a New Colour Scheme

From time to time, you may have an urge to make changes to your bedroom. A refreshed look in the bedroom can have an enormous impact on your mood and give you a much-needed boost. This is because your bedroom is your own private quarters and somewhere that you spend a significant amount of time relaxing. It is where you recharge your batteries, so it should be somewhere that reflects your identity and a room that you feel peaceful in. Refreshing the Look There are many different ways that you could refresh your bedroom. These include hanging artwork, placing photos… [Read More]

Tiles In The Family Home

We know a family home has very specific needs, which makes it all the more difficult when trying to decorate! With walls and floors especially, you need to find something not only durable, safe and easy to clean, but also good value for money. So what do you do? Tiles are an excellent option that tick all of these boxes, which is why we have invited Tile Monkey to give you some handy tips on choosing the right tiles for a family home. Value Children can be expensive, so getting value for money may be at the forefront of your… [Read More]

Vinyl Vs Laminate

Whether you have recently bought a house or have decided that it’s time for a bit of a makeover, your flooring is an important factor.  You need to be sure that what you choose is going to last, but the obvious choices may be a little out of your price range, don’t despair! There are some pretty good alternatives available. Allow us to introduce you to Vinyl and Laminate Flooring. Whilst we love these two, we understand that you may prefer one over the other we’ve compared them both to help you reach a decision on what’s best for you!… [Read More]

How To Look After A Wooden Log Cabin

For your garden log cabin to enjoy a prolonged lifespan, it is essential that you maintain it properly. Below, we look at a few things to focus on. The Main Areas • Treat the cabin as soon as it is assembled. • Be sure to choose the right treatment. • Ensure that you re-apply treatment as necessary. • Look out for any leaks or rain damage. • Take the necessary measures to control moisture around and in the cabin. • Ensure that the cabin can settle properly. • Make sure your cabin is always secure. Treatments Wooden garden log cabins… [Read More]

Protect Your Oil from Theft this Winter

Home heating oil is more vulnerable to theft in the winter months. Of course, the main reason for this is that it’s colder, so there’s more demand for it. If thieves are selling it on they’ll get a better price per litre or if they’re using it for themselves, they’ll be “saving” even more. Thankfully, increased awareness and security in recent years has meant a significant drop in the numbers of oil thefts, but it does still happen. Here’s what you can do to make your tank and its precious contents fresh from Emo Oil safer over the colder months…. [Read More]

Four signs that the pipes in your home may need replacing

It’s very easy to just take the water pipes in your home for granted. Most people just assume that they will always work as they should. But, water pipes are just the same as most things in the home; they can wear out over time. Once this happens, it’s important that the pipes are repaired or replaced. If you do not have this work carried out you could end up with a serious burst to deal with, or the quality of your water supply could be adversely affected. But, how can you tell if the pipes in your home need… [Read More]