Ways To Improve The Heating Efficiency In Your Home

Image Source: Pixabay Older homes can often feel cold during the winter months, even when you have the heating cranked up. If you are sick of sitting in your house and having to have a blanket to stay warm, you may wish to consider improving the energy efficiency in your home. Articles you can find online will give you a lot of information on the areas of your home which can leak heat. Below, you will also find information on the many things that you can do to try and keep your home nice and warm during the winter months. … [Read More]

3 Problems That Can Derail DIY Jobs (And Their Solutions)

It’s fair to say that, for most people, DIY jobs rarely reach their conclusion without a hitch or two. There’s always at least one unwelcome surprise or unforeseen circumstance that sets progress back, and all you can do is try to adapt and move on as quickly as possible. These things happen and, for the most part, they’re out of your control. Pixabay Image (CC0 Licence) There are, however, DIY setbacks that can be controlled – and we’ve explained a few of the most common issues, and their solutions, below… PROBLEM: Running out of supplies while the work is ongoing… [Read More]

Replacing The Windows In Our Home

One of the most expensive jobs in your home is replacing the windows and consequently getting it right is so important because they are going to be there a long time. However, you’ll want the best price you can get for double glazing windows. It doesn’t always pay to go for the cheapest option so it’s important to decide exactly what you you want and then decide which is the best deal all round, because after all once they are fitted it is not something you want to think about again for years. It is particularly important for me to… [Read More]

The Importance Of Getting The Right Central Heating For Your Home

I have grown up in a world where I have never lived in any house that has not had central heating. In fact I often wonder how I would cope if I had to live in a home that doesn’t have central heating. I don’t like the winter months, especially in the UK where it can get very cold. There is no doubt that our central heating works very hard to keep us warm during winter. It is very important to me that we have the best possible central heating system in our home so whenever I have moved to… [Read More]

Panel Or Storage Heater – Which Is The Right Choice For Me?

Panel or Storage Heating – Which is which? Storage heating comes in the form of bricks or ceramics. They store heat at night when electricity is less expensive. Panel heating contains oil but relies on electricity to create heat quickly and, because they’re oil-filled, they retain heat even when not being used. Digging deeper: Storage heating: Storage heaters work best with Economy 7 heating. They generate electricity for 7 hours over the course of the night when costs are lower. They use this time to recharge, then store heat which is then slowly and gradually distributed throughout the day. It’s… [Read More]

Do You Need a Dehumidifier in Your Basement?

Every household needs a dehumidifier in their basement. The basement dehumidifier works in areas with low temperatures. Your basement is considered as an underground room which rarely gets warmth and light from the sun unless you switch on your artificial heater. Such conditions will favour the growth of molds leading to the rusty and musty smell, dampness, and destruction of home property. Having a damp basement can result in adverse health effects, and massive losses since most of it are usually set aside for storage of various equipment. Some the signs that you should look out for include molds on… [Read More]

How to Get Your House Ready for the Winter

As the nights get longer, we tend to spend more time at home, and want it to be as supportive and comfortable as possible. You will need to winterise the home to avoid paying an arm and a leg for heating your house. At the same time, you need to make your rooms more comfortable and functional, too. As a DIY enthusiast, you can make a few adjustments that will make a lot of difference in your family’s life. Find out more below. Insulating the Flooring You can improve the comfort level of your home if you winterise the living… [Read More]

Loft Conversion: We Need More Room!

We are currently living in a two bedroom detached bungalow. There are four of us living here; my wife, myself and our six year old twin girls. Obviously my wife and I share a bedroom. and our six year old twin girls also share a bedroom, but this is where the issue is. As the girls are growing up and their personalities and characters are changing and developing, it is becoming more obvious that they are wanting their own space. This means that the time has come to make some big decisions about our home. I think it’s safe to… [Read More]