Ways To Improve The Heating Efficiency In Your Home

Image Source: Pixabay Older homes can often feel cold during the winter months, even when you have the heating cranked up. If you are sick of sitting in your house and having to have a blanket to stay warm, you may wish to consider improving the energy efficiency in your home. Articles you can find online will give you a lot of information on the areas of your home which can leak heat. Below, you will also find information on the many things that you can do to try and keep your home nice and warm during the winter months. … [Read More]

Essential Daddy DIY Skills

Being good at DIY is sort of in the daddy rule book. Well, it’s sort of in the man’s rule book as well. Most women will expect the man they’re with to know a bit of handy skills around the home. Perhaps changing a door handle, being able to redecorate, and really fixing anything that seems to break. What we love is that mums are now super independent and take on a lot of this themselves, and we are true believers that both parents being able to do some DIY is the best way to go about things. But, we… [Read More]

Avoid These Interior Painting Mistakes

                                                                 Image Source: Pixabay If you are planning a living room renovation that includes repainting, there is much to consider. Like any other trade, painting is all about preparation, and there are many ways in which you can make a mistake. Here are a few common errors you will want to avoid when painting a room. Not Doing the Preparation – Some people are so excited about the project… [Read More]

I Had A Go At Repairing My Sash Windows

I’ve had a look at the outside wooden sills on my sash windows and I really think that it might be a job for a DIY enthusiast. Sash window repair doesn’t seem all that complicated, to my understanding we simply cut out all rotten section of timber, treat it, splice the timber back as neatly as possible, and then fill joints with a two part filler designated for external repairs. This is within range for a DIY effort I think. Here’s a look at the problem, I’ve marked in pen around where I intend to cut: I would then sand… [Read More]

Finding The Time To Sort out Your Garden Can Be So Difficult

With spring fast approaching our attentions start to turn to getting our garden ready for when we can enjoy sitting out in the garden having family around, getting the barbecue lit and spending more time outdoors, especially during the long warm summer months. It is also good to see the children outdoors enjoying the garden after having to spend many months indoors during the winter. Of course since last summer we all tend to neglect the garden because the weather usually stops us from finding the motivation to do anything. So if you are anything like me the garden will… [Read More]

3 Problems That Can Derail DIY Jobs (And Their Solutions)

It’s fair to say that, for most people, DIY jobs rarely reach their conclusion without a hitch or two. There’s always at least one unwelcome surprise or unforeseen circumstance that sets progress back, and all you can do is try to adapt and move on as quickly as possible. These things happen and, for the most part, they’re out of your control. Pixabay Image (CC0 Licence) There are, however, DIY setbacks that can be controlled – and we’ve explained a few of the most common issues, and their solutions, below… PROBLEM: Running out of supplies while the work is ongoing… [Read More]

Replacing The Windows In Our Home

One of the most expensive jobs in your home is replacing the windows and consequently getting it right is so important because they are going to be there a long time. However, you’ll want the best price you can get for double glazing windows. It doesn’t always pay to go for the cheapest option so it’s important to decide exactly what you you want and then decide which is the best deal all round, because after all once they are fitted it is not something you want to think about again for years. It is particularly important for me to… [Read More]

The Importance Of Getting The Right Central Heating For Your Home

I have grown up in a world where I have never lived in any house that has not had central heating. In fact I often wonder how I would cope if I had to live in a home that doesn’t have central heating. I don’t like the winter months, especially in the UK where it can get very cold. There is no doubt that our central heating works very hard to keep us warm during winter. It is very important to me that we have the best possible central heating system in our home so whenever I have moved to… [Read More]