How To Choose The Perfect Family Car

Priorities for your car change when you have a family.

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Perhaps you wanted to bomb around in a Jeep. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of a sleek sports model like an Audi TT. Whatever your motoring dreams, one things for sure – your idea of the perfect car changes a lot with fatherhood. Suddenly fitting three kids and a dog in requires a very different spec. There is a lot to consider, but buying your perfect family car doesn’t have to be a stressful experience.

Don’t Rush Your Decision

Car dealerships can be very pressured environments, but whatever you do, don’t feel pressured into making a quick decision. Your new car is a large part of your lifestyle and it has to fit you and your family. Never try and rush a big ticket purchase – take time to do your research comparing different models and test driving to make sure you get the right vehicle and the right price. Decide what features are absolute essentials and what you might be able to compromise on.

Think Nearly New

New cars are a bad financial choice – they’re a depreciating asset that can lose a large percentage of their value the first time you ever drive them. Consider buying a nearly new or approved used vehicle and you’ll make massive savings – an important consideration with young children. A great dealer like will help you find a model that suits you and fits your budget.

Consider The Practicalities

When it comes to choosing a car which really works for your family, you have to be practical in your choice. Saloon cars, SUVs, compact crossovers or estate cars can all work really well, it just depends on the requirements your family has. Wide opening doors are something you need to look for – getting young children in and out of carseats means it’s a must. Some people carriers feature like the Ford B-Max offer sliding rear doors which can be really convenient for access in cramped car parks.

Check The Safety Ratings

Check out the Euro NCAP scores around child safety and crash performance when it comes to the models you’re interested in. It’s always worth keeping safety in mind when you’re driving with little ones. You should also consider vehicles with systems such as Autonomous Emergency Braking – this uses sensors to detect an impending crash and automatically applies the brakes. These are highly effective systems and may be able to cut your insurance costs.

Think About Storage

Storage may not be the first thing that comes to mind with your car purchase, but it’s a really important factor if you have kids, as they come with a lot of clutter. Boot space is also important especially if you have to transport prams or travel cots away with the family. Some cars may have features which seem good but are actually impractical, such as underfloor storage compartments in the rear footwells – Isofix-mounted child car seats with support legs render this impractical, as they can’t safely stand on a hollow area

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