Life’s Not A Rehearsal 

About four weeks ago I started to feel unwell and I was sure it was a water infection. I’ve suffered from this about four times already this year. I’m not sure why I’m so prone to them, but unfortunately I am. On this particular occasion it was strange because I was getting a lot of groin pain. This has taught me a very important life lesson.

First of all here is a little bit about my health scare.

About 3 years ago I was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. Thankfully that’s all it was and it was something I had to live with, but I was starting to wonder and get a little bit paranoid about whether it could be something that was getting worse.

I have always been very healthy and never really had many problems. Visiting a doctor is something I rarely did, but this was niggling away at me and I decided to go to the doctors.

The doctor prescribed me antibiotics for a water infection, but the first lot of antibiotics made me feel terrible and because of the way I am, I stop taking them and needless to say didn’t go back to the doctors. Yes and you guessed it, it came back. I went back to the doctors and was prescribed more antibiotics.

He then sent a shiver down my spine. He decided to do blood tests. Ok, I said and made an appointment with the nurse for a weeks time. I arrived and she started to take blood. What actually frightened me was how much blood she was taking! I jokingly said you are taking a lot of blood and she reeled off all the tests that the doctor had ordered.

Most of them went over my head except one they were doing which was a prostate blood test. Having had this done three years ago, my concern was that things had got worse over the last few years and although no cancer was detected the first time, this now started to pray on my mind. It’s a natural human instinct to worry.

It was a very long few weeks and worry would be an understatement because I simply couldn’t think of anything, but the worst result from the blood tests.

I finally went back to the doctors after about a month and thank goodness all the blood tests came back ok. My prostate level has increased, but is still in the levels that are ok.

Although I have to have to some scans at the hospital as the doctor said to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

The worst feeling in the world is waiting for the test results because I simply couldn’t stop thinking what if I have prostate cancer?

How would I cope, because I don’t do sickness well and also I need to work, but it has taught me a lot about myself and life, and how I don’t appreciate it as much as I should and appreciate my family, and how easy it is to waste the time we are on the planet earth.

Life is not a rehearsal and we should try to utilise the time we have whether it be with family or visiting places. I am lucky to be a dad to 5 children and there are times when I know I don’t fully appreciate everything they mean to me. I also have a beautiful loving wife who I love so much and the other day when she suggested we go to Disneyland Paris I was hestitant to begin with mainly because of the cost and then they had a special deal come up online and we talked about and I just said yes, why not! I have never been and life is so short let’s go! And we are now booked for next year!

My little health scare also taught me that there are so many good things in life and I for one don’t want to miss out. Enjoy life as much to the full as possible with no regrets.

Would love to know what you think. Do we waste the time we have or is it even possible to fill it completely?

3 thoughts on “Life’s Not A Rehearsal 

  1. A close friend of mine is having surgery for prostate cancer today, so I can relate to this one today. We should live life to the fullest. It is hard to remember than when we also have to keep up with the daily grind. #EatSleepBlogRT

  2. Thank you for putting focus on the importance of looking after yourself and reacting when something feels off! So many (men) don’t see the doctor in time. Thankfully yours was a negative, so true that we should live in the moment, we don’t get a second chance! #globalblogging

  3. Firstly! LOVE the new header design.. So awesome! Secondly, I agree, life is so short. We spend so much time worrying about things that we forget to enjoy what we have right in front of us! Thank you for that reminder. #globalblogging

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