Lock Paper Scissors Escape Room Z Game Review

I have recently teamed up with Lock Paper Scissors to play and review their game, Escape Room Z. Lock Paper Scissors is an online company that sells everything you need to design and run your very own Escape Room party with friends or colleagues. They make great team building games! Escape Room Z is a zombie themed game that transforms your home into a nail biting adventure. Suitable for teams of 4-6 players, this game should last for around an hour. The game is described as having a hard difficulty level, and whilst I do agree with this, it can… [Read More]

My Four Year Old Twin Girl, R, Always Puts A Smile On My Face

In just over five weeks time my twin girls will be five years old, and they are now in their second full term in primary school. I feel they have grown up so much since Christmas and their observational skills and memory are developing into very powerful tools. Ultimately our children mimic what we do and how we do it, but they also mimic what their older siblings do and on occasions dress that way too. A few days ago R pointed out to me that there was a hole in her jeans, and in fact she was in the… [Read More]

It’s My Wife’s Birthday Today 

Omg! My wife is 30 years old today. Is this the time to trade her in for a younger model? Is it all downhill for her now? Most likely! Only kidding, haha! I have to say, yes this is cliche, I know, but I am the luckiest man in the world. My wife is beautiful, wonderful, funny and a pleasure to be around except when she farts because the smell could paralyse a navy seal at 100yds! Seriously, I’m not joking they stink! Seriously I was lucky the day I met my wife. I was driving past a shop she… [Read More]

Not Long Till Christmas OMG! The Cost. 

It’s 62 days until Christmas. I love this time of year. The shops are filling up with Christmas decorations. The supermarkets are filing up with toys and the spirit of Christmas is beginning to appear. No, wait a minute. OMG! It’s the cost of Christmas! I have five children and a wife, and the cost is astronomical! Through the roof. Here are my tips in helping towards the cost of Christmas… 1. Planning in advance is vital, as is deciding exactly how much you are going to spend on each child. Of course this depends on how much you favour… [Read More]

Why I hate Mondays!

Marmite Mondays

Ugh. It’s Monday. Again. It feels like only yesterday that it was Monday, and now it’s Monday again. How did that happen? I hate Mondays! It means a full week of work. 45 hours spread out over just five days. The weekend seems very far away and all I want to do is lie in bed, hide under my duvet and go back to sleep. People of the UK! It’s time to take action! The threat is very real, but the UK isn’t aware of just how badly the country is set to suffer from ‘The Mondays’ should we not… [Read More]