Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Wonderful Truly Awesome Wife

It’s my wife’s birthday today, so happy birthday honey! That’s it! I really can’t think of anything else to write, haha, only joking! Getting married to somebody younger than yourself means that you will always have somebody to push you around in a wheelchair! Of course we’ll grow old together, it’s just I’m going to get there first haha! On a more serious note there is something very special about my wife and last year was a perfect example of how wonderful and important she is to me. As I have said in previous posts it has been a tough… [Read More]

Happy Birthday To My Wife Today

My beautiful and gorgeous wife is celebrating her birthday today, and I decided I would take this opportunity to tell the world how I feel about her. When you are lucky enough, as I have been to meet somebody, and you fit together like two jigsaw pieces, you just know you have met the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. It just works, no rhyme or reason why, it just does. If I’m honest well, it’s just perfect. Love like no other and you feel happy beyond your wildest dreams. The happiness I feel everyday,… [Read More]

Oh No! We All Forget Birthdays Sometimes

We all lead very busy lives and consequently it is so easy to forget birthdays, anniversaries or those special days that you should always remember, but life can sometimes get complicated and with children to organise for school and their incredibly busy life, we tend to lose track of time, and if you’re anything like me you’ll often forget what date it is in the month too! Of course I’m no different to anybody else. I can forget it’s somebody’s birthday due to being very busy. So, like everybody else I break out into a mad panic and it’s a… [Read More]

It’s My Mum’s Birthday Today 

My mum will be 89 years old today. Quite an achievement to say the least. A very long life that I would have to say has been interesting and lively, but most importantly she has lived life to the full. At 89 years of age she is in reasonable health, although sadly house bound nowadays. Other than that she has memory lapses which are associated with old age, wait are they? I get them too! OMG ! I must be getting old too, haha! Today we will be taking her out to lunch, to celebrate her birthday. I have been… [Read More]

My Son is 18 Years Old Today 

I have five children and now three of them are fully grown adults able to do all those things legally. This is one strange feeling. The years seem to fly past. Omg ! I’m getting old, haha!  Today is my son A’s birthday and he is 18 years old if was able to go and pick my son at birth and know what sort of adult he would grow up to be I would of easily picked my son A. He is to me perfect in every way.  It doesn’t seem like yesterday that he was lying in my arms… [Read More]

R and M: My Twins Are 5 Years Old Today 

R and M are five years old today. My twin girls are really starting to grow up. It’s frightening just how quickly the last five years have gone. It doesn’t seem like yesterday that we were bringing them home from Neo-natal after being born six weeks early and spending 27 days on a special care unit. I vividly remember picking up the car seats the girls were in and thinking the car seats probably weigh twice as much as the girls.   Now OMG! They are five years old, in school full-time and developing so very quickly. If they ever… [Read More]

My Twin Girls and Half Term 

My four year old twin girls are on half term this week. This is split between my wife and I due to our work commitments.  I start off with Monday and Tuesday. Monday  is a very long day as my wife has to do a late shift in work and isn’t home until 8pm. I have usually put the girls to bed on my own saying that the girls miss their mummy at bedtime, but they are always very good.  First thing on Monday morning R asked me to get out a table from behind the sofa. I had no… [Read More]

It’s My Wife’s Birthday Today 

Omg! My wife is 30 years old today. Is this the time to trade her in for a younger model? Is it all downhill for her now? Most likely! Only kidding, haha! I have to say, yes this is cliche, I know, but I am the luckiest man in the world. My wife is beautiful, wonderful, funny and a pleasure to be around except when she farts because the smell could paralyse a navy seal at 100yds! Seriously, I’m not joking they stink! Seriously I was lucky the day I met my wife. I was driving past a shop she… [Read More]