Happy Birthday To My Wife Today

My beautiful and gorgeous wife is celebrating her birthday today, and I decided I would take this opportunity to tell the world how I feel about her.

When you are lucky enough, as I have been to meet somebody, and you fit together like two jigsaw pieces, you just know you have met the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. It just works, no rhyme or reason why, it just does. If I’m honest well, it’s just perfect. Love like no other and you feel happy beyond your wildest dreams. The happiness I feel everyday, all day is the best feeling in the world.

My wife has so many qualities that make her a very special person.

One of those qualities that I see on a daily basis is what a wonderful mum she is.

Our twin girls couldn’t have wished for a more dedicated and natural mum, nothing is ever too much bother for her.

I also have three older children by my first marriage, and the relationship between my wife and them is everything I could have wished for, and the older they get the closer they all seem to get. For me it’s very beautiful to watch.

Her dedication to anything she decides to do is inspiring to watch. About a year ago she decided to start running, and starting January 1st this year, she has pledged to run everyday for the month, raising money for charity and has even got our five year old twins involved. Teaching them a healthy lifestyle from an early age.

Just a few months ago she set out last year to run a half marathon and achieved it in a great time.

If I was to list a few of my wife’s finest qualities I’d have to say she is loving, dedicated, honest, selfless, and loyal to her family.

Qualities that are a rare commodity in today’s world when it can be everybody for themselves. Nothing is ever too much trouble, and if somebody asks for a helping hand, my wife is first in line to help out.

So, happy birthday my darling wife. I love you with all my heart and I hope you have a fantastic day. As each day passes I love you even more than the previous day.


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