My Wife And My Daughter Run The Cardiff Half Marathon

A few days ago my wife and daughter ran the Cardiff half marathon together and it made me feel very proud that they pushed themselves to run 13 miles. It really is an awesome achievement and there is no doubt that it should not be underrated exactly how tough it is because it is without question a fantastic thing to do. For me it’s actually difficult to fully understand how hard and tough it is because I have never been a runner, and if I’m honest I would struggle to run 1km before collapsing in a heap on the ground… [Read More]

Stylists In The Making: My Sunday Photo

My five year old twin girls are budding stylists and this picture shows exactly how far they have come. It lacks nothing! It has creativity, the use of many accessories and they’re clearly paving the way of a whole new fashion sense for 2018. My wife? Well! What an improvement! Even if she does resemble Cindy Loo Who from the grinch, as my eldest daughter pointed out, but I think Cindy Loo Who just edges the look! For all of that, my wife does wear it well. If you want to try and recreate this awesome, amazing look, all it… [Read More]

Happy Birthday To My Wife Today

My beautiful and gorgeous wife is celebrating her birthday today, and I decided I would take this opportunity to tell the world how I feel about her. When you are lucky enough, as I have been to meet somebody, and you fit together like two jigsaw pieces, you just know you have met the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. It just works, no rhyme or reason why, it just does. If I’m honest well, it’s just perfect. Love like no other and you feel happy beyond your wildest dreams. The happiness I feel everyday,… [Read More]