My Wife And My Daughter Run The Cardiff Half Marathon

A few days ago my wife and daughter ran the Cardiff half marathon together and it made me feel very proud that they pushed themselves to run 13 miles. It really is an awesome achievement and there is no doubt that it should not be underrated exactly how tough it is because it is without question a fantastic thing to do.

For me it’s actually difficult to fully understand how hard and tough it is because I have never been a runner, and if I’m honest I would struggle to run 1km before collapsing in a heap on the ground most likely needing oxygen. So for that reason I am in awe of both of them for completing the Cardiff half marathon.

I am so proud of my wife for a number of reasons.

The build -up to the this particular half marathon has been for my wife incredibly difficult. Throughout most of the summer she has been suffering from injury and this has without question left her preparation all over the place. There was many a night that I had great sympathy for her because she simply couldn’t plan her training runs in the knowledge that she would complete them.

For my wife this was the second year in a row that she has run the Cardiff half marathon, but I felt she felt very unprepared. However, what makes my wife very special in my opinion is that she has qualities I can only dream of having.

My wife always gives 100% to everything she does. Her resolve and determination are incredible, so not for one minute did I ever doubt she would complete it. I knew she would, and considering her injury issues, her time was incredible. My wife completed the half marathon in 2 hours 29 minutes and 19 seconds. Personally I would be overjoyed with that, but I’m sure she will be a little bit disappointed that she missed beating last years time by seconds, but that’s my wife and what I love so much about her is that she’s always striving to be better and better. A quality so sadly not seen often enough today.

The other person running the half marathon with my wife was my daughter. She no longer lives in her home town so she caught the train back the day before. This was the first time she had done a half marathon so she was definitely a little bit anxious about how it was going to go, but with determination and effort she completed it in the same time as my wife.

My six year old twins and I were standing near the home stretch in the hope that we would see them run past. We did and our twins got to high five and cheer on their mum and sister. It was a lovely moment.

As for me to see my wife and daughter running towards the home stretch together actually brought a tear of happiness and pride to my eye.

The example being shown to two six year old girls by their mum and sister is truly phenomenal. It’s showing them from a young age how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit is the way forward.

Well done to both of you. As I have said it’s an awesome achievement and I am personally immensely proud of both of you. Love you both xx

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