Stylists In The Making: My Sunday Photo

My five year old twin girls are budding stylists and this picture shows exactly how far they have come. It lacks nothing! It has creativity, the use of many accessories and they’re clearly paving the way of a whole new fashion sense for 2018.

My wife? Well! What an improvement! Even if she does resemble Cindy Loo Who from the grinch, as my eldest daughter pointed out, but I think Cindy Loo Who just edges the look! For all of that, my wife does wear it well.

If you want to try and recreate this awesome, amazing look, all it takes is two five year olds (girls or boys), a box of hair accessories, and that all important ingredient, imagination. Of course you will also require a model that’s happy to make a fool of themselves. Mum to the rescue there, haha!

Parents will do anything for their children. Is that right! This shows unconditional love of your child or children. I have always thought we will do anything for our children, but is this a step too far?

I absolutely love how proud the girls look with their creation, brilliant! Not sure mum is exactly happy, but she is smiling so it can’t all be bad.

Is this the future look of 2018? Have the girls inadvertently created the must have look using their mum as a model? Are we going to see mums up and down the country trying out this new look? The clubs and bars will be full of women of all ages with exactly this look.

I would love to hear your views on the latest hairstyle. Do you like it or not?

This is NOT! a collaborative or sponsored post and my wife took no payment to make a complete fool of herself. Making a fool of herself is something she does on a regular basis!


8 thoughts on “Stylists In The Making: My Sunday Photo

  1. Your kids did that? That is so freakin’ cool. Just as well they didn’t have any spray-on hair chalk or you could have been in the firing line Nigel! Serisouly, that is an impressive creation. I hope Emily managed to detalngle her hair afterwards.

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