My Boat Off The Coast Of Menorca: My Sunday Photo

This is a view from a mountain walk along the coast of Menorca. I thought I would show you my boat which is moored just a few hundred yards from the shoreline. It is easy to maintain as I can lift it out of the water any time that I want as you can see. Oh yes, you can tell from my photo that I have also changed nationality to French which is shown by the flag that my boat is flying. Seriously though we have had a fantastic holiday with wall to wall sunshine. We have shared our time… [Read More]

Looking Cool: My Sunday Photo

It’s hard to believe that my twin girls will be seven years old on their next birthday. They grow so quickly and develop their own personalities and characters. Whenever I look at them I love how different they are, and I caught this image by pure accident as we were visiting our local park. This is R, the older of my twin girls and she has a similar character to me, bless her! I’m not sure I would wish that on my worst enemy let alone my daughter, haha! R is a thinker, in fact she probably overthinks things, just… [Read More]

Twin love: My Sunday Photo

There are times when you are a constant referee, trying to stop the arguments which of course are a regular occurrence in every home up and down the UK with siblings fighting and arguing. and our home is no different. But every now and again there is a moment of magic where our six year old twin girls show their love for each other and this was caught on camera in this particular photo. What I really love about this photo is how R, who is all of two minutes older than her sister M, has her arm around her… [Read More]

King Of My Castle: My Sunday Photo

On our trip to the beach yesterday my six year old twin girls built me my very own castle. So here I am posing in my castle. Looking very cool even if I do say so myself. Haha! If you are wondering what I’m looking at, the answer is absolutely nothing, I’m practicing my moody, and thoughtful pose, trying my best to look as fake as possible look. Apparently it’s very big on Instagram at the moment. I’m trying my best to make my life interesting and exciting and living the dream, capturing these thought provoking images. The reality is… [Read More]

Den Building:My Sunday Photo

During the last week the girls have been waking up at crazy early hours, this of course is down to the very hot and sticky nights we have been experiencing in the uk. It is of course very unusual for us to have such consistently warm weather, but I’m not complaining it’s beautiful and being able to live in shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops is the only way to live for me. So the girls getting up early has meant that every morning that I have walked into our lounge. A den has been made from the dining room chairs, and… [Read More]

My Mum’s Birthday Surprise. My Sunday Photo

In my blog post yesterday I wrote to say it was my mum’s birthday and we had planned a surprise. The surprise was something she had hinted that she would love to do, ans I guess it was to cross one off her bucket list. No! It’s not bungee jumping, paragliding or a parachute jump, or anything totally thrilling or dangerous. It was something much more sedate! A ride in a stretch limo. This is something my mum has wanted to do ever since the limo became a popular way to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday. We… [Read More]

Disneyland Paris My Sunday Photo

My Sunday Photo this week is two photos from our recent trip to Disneyland Paris. We had a fantastic time for seven days and we arrived on the same day that the Marvel Superheroes of summer season started. There was without doubt so many highlights, but without question the one person that made the biggest impression for my six year old twin girls was the one and only Captain America. They absolutely loved him and this was our second meet and greet with him which also included meeting Thor, although he didn’t get a look in with the girls as… [Read More]

School Sports Day: My Sunday Photo

We had our schools sports day for our six year old twin girls during the last week. The school the girls attend, I have to admit make a huge effort to ensure sports day is an enjoyable experience for both pupils and parents, and this year was no different. It is a sports day that has winners and losers, although there is not a huge emphasis on whether somebody comes first, second or third, but at the end of the afternoon there is a winning house and just for good measure my twin girls were in the winning house. My… [Read More]