The Kids Have A New Home: My Sunday Photo

Yes! We have had enough of our twins, and built them a new home outside in the garden. It is without question kid safe, weatherproof, and of course summer is coming so the nights will be warmer.

The perfect thing about our girls new home is that it has locks so there is no escaping, although you may notice that there is only one of them in there at the moment. My wife is running around the garden with a net trying to catch the other one at the time of this photo being taken!

There is also a hatch for feeding purposes and a run for them to exercise.

Now I know you may think this is going a bit far, just to get a bit of peace and quiet, but she looks very happy in her new home don’t you think?!

I have linked my photo to My Sunday Photo which hosted by the awesome Darren from Photalife.

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