Should You Intervene When Your Children Are Arguing?

When I was growing up I was one of three children. My siblings were a lot older than me so arguing with them never seemed an issue. If anything I was spoiled by them, which I have to admit gives me fond memories. When I had my own children it was quite a shocking revelation to see siblings argue. From my first marriage I have three children. The age gap of all three of them is just three and half years, which is very close. As they grew up I started to see more arguments happen between them and initially… [Read More]

Sharing Your Children’s Lives Online

This is an interesting topic for me mainly because I have an advantage over a lot of parent bloggers. Most parent bloggers in general are sharing the lives of younger children, and in truth those children have little or no say as to what is published on their parents blog about themselves. There is a possibility that all that sharing could come back to bite them on the bum as the children grow up. Then again, the children could grow up enjoying being the star of mummy or daddy’s blog. If you are a parent blogger, the only way in… [Read More]

My Twin Girls: I Cannot Believe How Different You Are

At the end of this month my twin girls will turn six years old. Their tastes, characters and personalities have really developed now and OMG how different they are. I actually don’t mean just the odd thing that is different they are at the best of times polar opposites. The last few weeks I have been doing the school run full-time because I have been unable to work because of my recent health scare. When we arrive home from school, the first of their differences becomes very obvious. I tell the girls to go and change out of their uniforms,… [Read More]

Following In Mummy’s Footsteps: My Sunday Photo

My Sunday photo this week is all about how my five year old twin girls are following in their mummy’s footsteps with their running, and how my wife is inspiring them to lead fit and healthy lives. In the month of January the girls entered a challenge which was called the 5 mile challenge. They completed it in great style and with total dedication. On Thursday they received  their medals in the post – this is their third medal for running and they are only five years old. On Friday they were lucky enough to show their medals at their… [Read More]

My Top 7 Parenting Joys: Not!

When that magical moment of becoming a parent for the first time happens, the joy of your very first child taking their first breath and entering your world, nothing but happiness, and love fill your heart. You are in awe of this little human being that you have created with your life partner. You will never want for anything in life ever again. Your child will be the centre of your world forever, every movement you make will centre around your child. The sky will be full of rainbows and the sun will shine all day long. Life will be… [Read More]

Children Of The Forest: My Sunday Photo

After the topsy turvy week that I have had, which at times was very frightening, but hopefully now I am on the mend. Yesterday we went out to the local park, and whilst there and walking through the deepest darkest woods, in suburban Britain, we came across the children of the forest. They were bordering feral and armed with very large wooden stakes, smiling at us trying to lead us into a false sense of security before taking us down. No, wait! That’s our five year old twin girls, R and M! We forgot to take them home last week,… [Read More]

My Twins Are Back In School. Oh Yes!

We are just two days into returning to school since the Christmas holidays, and I have found the relief incredible. Is that wrong? I’m not sure, but I am still relieved for all of that. Although it was only just over two weeks long, with the holidays being Christmas and all the excitement that is involved with Christmas, it felt like 10 years!! Here is a couple of reasons why. When my five year old twins are home from school or on the weekends, our tv is permanently on CBeebies. On a few occasions, I changed channels because the girls weren’t… [Read More]

What Makes A Great Dad

So you have just had a baby and you want to be a great dad. You decide to pop down to your local bookstore and by a book that will tell you exactly what to do, and hey ho! You will be a great dad, if only! We all know this is not remotely true! This got me thinking about what does make a great dad? Here I am building a workshop, with my 5 year old twins. 1. Listening I have always believed in listening to your children when they are talking to you and not dismissing them, and… [Read More]