OMG! Where Has The Last 23 Years Gone

My eldest daughter turned 23 years old at the beginning of July and I thought to myself, OMG! Where have the last 23 years gone? The years really do flash by in the blink of an eye. For me it really only feels like yesterday that I would sit on the patio and count the stars with her on a summer’s night at sunset, and try to pass on some words of wisdom to her, although we have had this conservation on a few occasions recently about how when she was four years old she would sit with me on… [Read More]

Teaching our Children Simple Lessons In Life

Parenting is the hardest job in the world. There is no text book or school of knowledge you can go to in order to learn the art of parenting, so how do we learn to be a parent? Well, it’s simple really. By becoming parents it’s a huge learning curve that will send you on a rollercoaster of emotions and make you doubt every decision you ever make as a parent, and as often as you get right, you will also get it wrong just as often. Years ago, this really didn’t matter. People were not observing you the way… [Read More]

Our Embryos: Letting Go

If you are regular reader of my blog, you will know it’s predominantly a parenting blog and will also know that I have been married twice, after my first marriage I decided with I might a considerable amount of pressure to have a vasectomy, at the time I was already a father of three children, and I guess I never intended having any more children. In life there is no way of looking into the future, and if I’m honest I’m not I would want to at times. But to cut a long story short my first marriage ended and… [Read More]

My Mum’s Birthday Surprise. My Sunday Photo

In my blog post yesterday I wrote to say it was my mum’s birthday and we had planned a surprise. The surprise was something she had hinted that she would love to do, ans I guess it was to cross one off her bucket list. No! It’s not bungee jumping, paragliding or a parachute jump, or anything totally thrilling or dangerous. It was something much more sedate! A ride in a stretch limo. This is something my mum has wanted to do ever since the limo became a popular way to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday. We… [Read More]

Summer Garden Party For My Six Year Old Twin Girls And Their Friends

With the school summer holidays fast approaching, which are around six weeks long, I thought I would start to plan ahead and decide what sort of things we can arrange and plan. The one thing my six year old twin girls have asked for this particular summer holidays is a garden party where they can see friends and catch up with them and find out what they have been doing during the summer holidays, and I think is a fabulous idea. I have also teamed up with Swizzels the makers of some of our most famous sweets. To make sure… [Read More]

Our Holiday To Disneyland Paris Day 4 & 5

After day three I really didn’t know how our holiday was ever going to get any better, but it came very close that’s for sure! We were certainly in the swing of enjoying Disneyland Paris now. We had breakfast at our hotel, and set off to the park. I’m not sure we had a definite plan, but there were some things that we wanted to do that we didn’t do in 2017. On entering the park we saw Donald Duck and this was a great opportunity to meet and greet him as it was a short queue because it was… [Read More]

People No Longer Seem Obliging Or Helpful Disneyland Paris 2018

On our recent trip to Disneyland Paris I was shocked to find that people generally nowadays simply don’t go out of their way to help others. It’s all about what they want and they will have that at all costs. So let me explain a couple of instances that happened on our recent trip. On day three of our trip we decided at the almost the last minute to go and watch the Disney Illuminations, which start at 11pm. We have been many times to watch the Illuminations and if you want a place close to the front to watch… [Read More]

Our Holiday To Disneyland Paris 2018 Day 2 & 3

On day two when I looked outside the window, I was disappointed that the weather was not the best. There were dark clouds in the sky and heavy rain forecast for lunchtime. Still we had wet weather coats and leggings and we were determined not to let the weather dampen our day. First up for the day was breakfast at Plaza Gardens with the characters. This is always awesome and the girls love having a hug with Mickey and all his friends. It’s a fantastic chance to grab photos and get the all important autograph books signed without having to… [Read More]