TeeBee Multipurpose Toy Box Review #AD

We live in world where our children are bombarded daily by technology. So many young children are seen constantly on tablets or phones.

Thankfully my seven year old twin girls love playing games and making things. They love crafting and using their imagination and creativity.

So when I was recently sent TeeBee’s multipurpose toy box I instantly thought this will be perfect for the girls and it actually is. They immediately loved them.

The TeeBee multipurpose toy box has unlimited use. It’s perfect for keeping all their toys in and is perfect for car journeys to keep them occupied. No more “are we there yet?” but of course they can be used at home in the garden too? in fact they can be used just about anywhere.

The TeeBee is a state of the art aerodynamic ergonomically tailored wonder box, but my seven year old twin girls tell me it is just fab fun.

It has a smart tray for all their bits and pieces, a plate that’s perfect for them to build things with their Lego on. That’s a big win because the girls love Lego.

It has a large compartment for dolls or dinosaurs. The lids become a tray where they can draw, play card games or even keep a snack on hand whilst playing. It has a leather strap so it’s nice and easy for them to carry around too.

This is without doubt one of the most well thought out versatile toy boxes I have ever come across and it comes with a transfer kit so your children can customise it to their tastes.

They come in a selection of colours and they are fantastic value at just £23.95 and £2.28 for a transfer kit (price correct at time of publication), but it does come with one transfer kit. You can purchase one here which I highly recommend you do.

So what are you waiting for? Spark your child’s imagination with the TeeBee multipurpose toy box, and do you know the best thing? It doesn’t need wi-fi or batteries and there are no in-app purchases. What there is though is hours of fun for your child to play and show their creativity.

For the purpose of this post I was sent 2 TeeBee multipurpose toy boxes. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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