Rewarding Parents – How Much Can We Earn For Our Favourite Job

Being a parent is the most rewarding job in the world, as well as life changing. It comes with the tears, the tempers and the tantrums, but the love and unconditional pride you feel whilst cooking meals that may not get eaten and tidying toys that will be broken is priceless.

Multitasking if I only got paid.

In fact, how can you put a price on parenting? Ahead of Mother’s Day, Funky Pigeon have created a #ParentsSalary calculator for stay-at-home parents to work out just how much they could be paid should each parental duty come with a salary; cooking, cleaning, driving, nursing, teaching, organising, mentoring and laundry of course.

By inputting the number of hours spent on each task and where you live, you can see for yourself the salaries in your area and how much your parents salary is.

In London, a parent could earn £263,587 if paid for the eight jobs that have been researched.

Cardiff: £220,782
Glasgow: £207,929
Liverpool: £216,751
Bristol: £185,607
Sheffield: £246,038

The findings also highlight the pay gay by region, and how parents across the UK would be paid rather differently for providing parental support for their child based on the theory that each ‘job’ is worth a salary.

If in London, a parent can earn a potential £263,587pa for undergoing the eight roles analysed, whereas in Bristol, you’d only look to be earning £185,607pa.

In the city of Cardiff, a chef could be earning £44,749pa, though in Glasgow, you’d only look to be earning £22,310pa, so where might it be worth being the chef of the household for your family?

Nurses in Nottingham will earn an average of £50,828pa compared to the UK’s capital where the average salary of a nurse is £32,534.

A cleaners salary is somewhat consistent across these top UK cities ranging from £13,385 in Glasgow to over £17,000 in other leading regions.

Interestingly, Funky Pigeon have also uncovered that according to LinkedIn, 14,536 men have the Stay at Home Dad title, and surprisingly 5,062 fewer women are advertising themselves as Stay at Home Mums. 

23,956 are listed as a Stay at Home Parent.

Can we put a price on a parents’ duties? The answer will be no, but to find out how much you could be making as a parent in your town or region, see the #ParentsSalary calculator for a quirky look at what you could bill.

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