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It’s summer finally! The sun is out and that means it’s time to get outdoors and there is nothing that as a family we enjoy more than being outside enjoying the fresh air. My seven year old twin girls just love having lots of fun outside.

There are many things we like to do when getting outdoors and one particular favourite of the girls is skateboarding and scooting around. We do plenty of it over the summer months.

This summer I have teamed up with Two Bare Feet for the girls to try out their scooters and skateboards. The idea is for the girls to put the skateboard and scooter through their paces and they can’t wait to get skateboarding and scooting! It’s easily one of their favourite things to do. They often ask to scoot to school or home from school. This of course has enormous benefits such as fresh air, getting active, getting outdoors and of course the biggest part is simply just having fun and that’s something all the family can get involved with.

Two Bare feet has its roots going back to 1994. They opened their first store in Torquay and nowadays their business is solely online, but the service and quality of the product is still to the highest standards.

I was sent a Stunt Scooter and a Retro Cruiser Skateboard for my twin girls to try out.

Stunt Scooter

The stunt scooter is a great affordable entry level scooter. It is very solid and has a lightweight construction. It’s perfect for the girls at aged seven to start practicing some tricks, and it’s equally equipped for those that will put it through a bit more punishment. The T-bar is in a more upright position to allow those barspin tricks. It also features a solid steel brake which enables smooth control under braking. The girls loved the stunt scooter and I’m sure it won’t be long before they are mastering many tricks.

Retro Cruiser Skateboard

The Retro Cruiser skateboard come with an awesome choice of colours from pastels to metallics. They are 22″ x 6″ in size with 3″ trucks and 59mm super smooth wheels and is one of Two Bare Feet’s bestselling skateboards. There is something about Retro Skateboards that is very appealing.

The girls were very quick to try out the scooter and skateboard and we are very fortunate to have a long driveway to put them through their paces. I love watching the girls getting out and about, enjoying the summer and learning new skills such as skateboarding or scooting. For me it’s just about watching my children being children without all the technology of today and seeing them turn into screen zombies.

The girls thought the skateboard and the scooter were brilliant, and they definitely lived up to their expectations. They will most likely be coming on our camping trips throughout the summer.

The skateboard is something that they will need a little more practice with, as it is a lot faster than their previous skateboards but I’m sure it won’t take long for them to master the retro skateboard.

The stunt scooter was an instant hit. The girls felt at home straight away and really couldn’t get enough of riding it.

Check out my IGTV video below. You’ll notice that I taught Tony Hawk everything he knows! Haha! Well, maybe not!

Overall Two Bare Feet scooters and skateboards are a fantastic quality product and I would highly recommend them, as would my twin girls.

This is a paid collaborative post with Two Bare Feet. I was also gifted a scooter and skateboard for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

Safety Warning: Always make sure your children have helmets, knee and elbows pads.

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  1. My daughter absolutely loves outdoor play and bikes, scooters etc, my son however takes a lot more cajoling to go out and play he’s much more interested in books or his Xbox. Anything like this is fab for encouraging them out for fun and fresh air and they do look great!

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