Switch Off The Technology This Half-Term That Was My Aim

It’s been half-term this week and I decided that it was important for me to put my phone down and just have fun with my seven year old twin girls. I don’t want to be that parent that uses a tablet, laptop or the television as a babysitter for my children. This can so easily happen in this world of technology. Kids today have an almost unlimited amount of choice when it comes to technology, but too much can easily shut them off into their own little world.

The learning of the use of this technology comes from us as parents and I have come to the conclusion over the last few months that I spend way too much time on my phone and I have noticed to my horror if I’m honest my seven year old twins mimicking my use of the phone on toy phones.

So this half-term I decided it was time to re-address the balance and put my phone away and just simply play and have fun making up games or crafting with my seven year old twin girls. So this is what we have done this half-term which I might add has cost absolutely nothing.


In my wisdom I told the girls that we should make a rocket which quite honestly seemed like a good idea until I had to work out how to do it haha! I needn’t have worried thought with some cardboard boxes and numerous bits of rubbish making a rocket was easy. Why? Because I had the imagination of two seven year old girls.

Check out my video and see the game the girls made up for their rocket and how they explored the planets.


I decided it would be fun to do something that was not only fun to do but the girls might learn something as well. So I saw something online that was a counting type of game. It was a bit simplistic for seven year olds so I mixed it up a bit and made the girls think and most importantly made them add or subtract numbers while playing the game. Check out my video below to see how the girls got on.

We then decided to get very creative and we made face masks out of paper plates and made them as if they would be going to a masquerade ball.

In the afternoon we had a voucher for the cinema and decided to go to and see The Secret Life of Pets 2 which was very funny. I grew up going to the cinema a lot and want to try and encourage the love of the cinema in my seven year old twin girls. Cinema is pure escapism.


Wednesday was all about den building in the lounge. I particularly loved this game because my involvement was actually very minimal from me other than making the main structure of the den the girls did the rest and made up a game that involved naming the three dens and using the rocket we had made on Monday and actually telling me what to do in the game and where to be. Again their imagination didn’t cease to amaze me. Check out the video of our den game below.

We then did a painting game with a difference. I got the girls to draw a picture on a white card and then they painted over it in black which I had mixed with washing up liquid. We let it dry and then they used wooden sticks to scratch out a new picture loads of fun.


Today I am going to show my seven year old twin girls something that I have to do every week. My mum is housebound and every week I go to the supermarket to get my mums food shop in. I would normally do this on a Friday but this week I have to do it on Thursday. I shall tell you in a minute why but it’s exciting. Keep reading!

So why take the girls to shop for my my mum? Well I think it’s really important to learn that you sometimes have to do things for people that need help and in this case it’s their nana. Hopefully they take from this life lesson that it’s nice to do something for a loved one because they can’t. It’s all about caring and being there for your older loved ones.


Well there is not much to say yet other than we are off to Bluestone today for the weekend for a press trip with Persil watch my stories to see what we get up to. Just saying we are incredibly excited, and we  cannot wait!

My plan for this half-term was to put my phone down and not use technology as I would normally do on a daily basis and just have fun with the girls .

There is so much emphasis on social media and technology that I feel we are forgetting that life can be fun and actually more enjoyable playing silly games and using our imagination, because let’s be honest it takes absolutely no imagination to use the internet, social media or television. It is about finding a balance and for me this week I have found that I want it to balance on the side of things that don’t involve technology.

What do you think? Is it more fun to make up games or do you find letting your kids use technology more fun? I would love to hear in the comments below.

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