What Does Fatherhood Mean To Me

I recently took part in a video challenge which was started by Dadapp. The challenge is called “What Does Fatherhood Mean To You?” I had to create a short video on this topic. It was only a 30 second video and when I finished it I thought to myself that I had left so much out of what fatherhood really means to me. As such I decided I would write a blog and go into more depth of what fatherhood really means to me. I thought I would go about writing this post in a completely different way by using… [Read More]

Dads! Do You Talk To Your Daughters About Periods #Pads4Dads Campaign

Did you know that nearly half of all dads in the UK have not talked to their daughters about periods? In addition, only 1 in 3 dads have purchased period products, 4 in 10 dads never learnt about periods at school, and 45% of dads are unsure what the signs are that a girl might be about to start her period. These were the results from a survey carried out by Hey Girls UK. You have to be brutally honest here. Those are shocking results. Dads need to join the bloody conversation! I am a father of four daughters and… [Read More]

Dads Are Finally More Involved With Their Children Lives

Nowadays I read so much about how dads are changing and are now connecting with their children on a new more involved level. This could well be because there are a lot more stay at home dads than ever before, although I believe that is still very much in its infancy and a very small percentage of dads. It could also be that men are now balancing work and family life better than before with possibly a little bit of help from their employers, but oh my goodness that has such a long way to go. I have always had… [Read More]

Sometimes I Wonder If I’m Getting This Whole Dad Thing Right

I have been the most confident person in the world, yet have always suffered from so many insecurities. When I became a dad for the first time 22 years ago it was scary, and I remember saying to myself when my eldest daughter was born that this is me now. I’m a dad, and will do all I can to never let you down and to always be there for you, and as each of my five children were born and I held them for the first time I said exactly the same thing to myself. The truth is, I… [Read More]

What Makes A Great Dad

So you have just had a baby and you want to be a great dad. You decide to pop down to your local bookstore and by a book that will tell you exactly what to do, and hey ho! You will be a great dad, if only! We all know this is not remotely true! This got me thinking about what does make a great dad? Here I am building a workshop, with my 5 year old twins. 1. Listening I have always believed in listening to your children when they are talking to you and not dismissing them, and… [Read More]

Mothers/Fathers Day And Schools 

So Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are over for another year, and in some ways I’m thinking thank goodness for that. Since Father’s Day something has been really niggling away at me. My five year old twin girls didn’t make a card in school for me. I found this really surprising, and will explain why. On Mother’s Day back in March, the girls made cards in school for their mum, and when they brought them home on the Friday before Mothering Sunday, they hid them and told me that mummy can’t see them until the Sunday. I just thought, aww,… [Read More]

A Brief History Of HP Sauce 

Ever since I was a child I have loved HP sauce. In fact I would have it on every meal that gets served up to me by my mum. No meal was complete without it, and now that I am a dad nothing has changed. Let’s be honest Heinz HP Sauce is every dad’s favourite brown sauce. What I never realised was how long Heinz HP brown sauce has been around. HP Sauce is the original and best brown sauce which since 1899 has been a firm favourite by dads all over the UK. It was orginally made by HP… [Read More]

How Fatherhood Has Changed Over the Years 

Fatherhood has dramatically changed since I have been a dad in the last 21 years, but wow! How it’s changed in the 50 years. When I was growing up, there is no doubt that the master of the household was Dad. I guess it’s down to the fact that he in essence was the breadwinner, king of of his castle and this gave him, I believe the misconception that his word was law. Society of that time though accepted this as normal behaviour, but the world was going to change. No longer was mum going to be able to shout… [Read More]