Fatherhood: It’s Tough At Times

Being a dad is without a doubt one of the most challenging but rewarding parts of my life. When you are a dad to five children in a society like today you have to deal with so many more issues that simply didn’t exist when I was growing up. The more I look at the society of today the more frightened I become for my children. There is an almost sinister edge to people today and people have a selfish streak that is incredible.

Is the generation of today turning into stress heads full of anxiety and heading towards bouts of depression? Yes if I’m entirely honest I think it is. What worries me is am I fully equipped to help my children through tough times? This is something I question about myself all the time.

I love my children with all my heart and without hesitation if they want something I just do it. I rarely question it because they are my children and I would do anything for them. I never actually question it or least that’s what I thought until recently when I have come to the conclusion that I won’t stand by and watch my kids make decisions that could have a negative impact on their lives forever.

What I have learnt about fatherhood and being a dad is the easiest part by far is when they are babies, toddlers or little because as soon as they get to the mid-teen years and decide that what they know is better than what you know it’s a very scary time.

I have never said to any of my older children that what I know is definitely right and I couldn’t possibly be wrong but I have an element of life experience and if they can listen it would be good. If they think it’s rubbish well that’s fine by me but deep down I always think if you take just 5% of what I say it might help you one day.

The life of young people today is hard. It’s full of expectations, and having to be a certain way that is dictated by social media and influencers. It’s no surprise to me that they suffer from mental health issues when all the pressure is being piled on top of them.

One lesson I have learnt from my older children and their relationship with social media is that my seven year old twin girls will be shielded from it until they are emotionally and mature enough to deal with the difficulties that come with social media. I may be wrong or right in thinking that but I don’t want them growing up thinking it’s ok to live a life that is portrayed on social media because most of it is just a lie.

Do you think young people are struggling on a daily basis from mental health more today because of social media?

I would love to hear in the comments below.

One thought on “Fatherhood: It’s Tough At Times

  1. It really is tough on young people these days, Nige, but I guess we as parents have to keep hanging in there. easier said than done, especially when, as you say, they start thinking they know better! It is a weird combination this self-absorption, taking themselves so seriously, and then being so fragile in terms of the impact of their peers’ opinions of them! Enda, at endastories.com

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