Twin love: My Sunday Photo

There are times when you are a constant referee, trying to stop the arguments which of course are a regular occurrence in every home up and down the UK with siblings fighting and arguing. and our home is no different.

But every now and again there is a moment of magic where our six year old twin girls show their love for each other and this was caught on camera in this particular photo.

What I really love about this photo is how R, who is all of two minutes older than her sister M, has her arm around her in what looks like a very protective way. They may have their arguments, but ultimately they would be lost without each other, and that’s been more obvious during the summer holidays.

It’s one of those rare moments of magic that you only get between siblings and it seems to be extra special when they are twins.

I have shared this on My Sunday Photo hosted by Darren of Photalife.

7 thoughts on “Twin love: My Sunday Photo

  1. Yes Nigel, a classic moment to capture. What amazing smiles. Certainly look happy. With it being the holidays, we’ve had a lot of bickering between the kids too but they have generally got on well.

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