Video Special: Life Insurance So My Little Ones Can Follow Their Dreams #Ad

When you become a parent the last possible thought you are likely to have is what if all of sudden l’m not here? What would my children do? How would they survive? Would they be able to follow their dreams? The chances are if you have not prepared for the unthinkable to happen they won’t be able to achieve their dreams.

That’s why I’ve teamed up with Post Office Life Insurance and their campaign #PostOfficeChildDreams which will hopefully help you see why life insurance is so important. Having life insurance is without question a positive move. If you are a parent it’s not to be thought of as something that’s morbid or worrying. It’s about protecting your children so they can fulfill their potential and more importantly so that they can achieve their dreams.

None of us like to think about not seeing our children grow up, but the reality is, it happens. Parents die young, and of course there is no doubt that money cannot replace a parent, but life insurance can help your children live on and become successful in their chosen paths or careers.

This is why I think that life insurance is something that every parent should have. In fact in my opinion if you don’t have life insurance you are doing your children an injustice. Not only would they be losing a parent, but without life insurance their lives could be dramatically changed. The family would be reduced to one wage, and it may result in having to move home away from their school and friends. Just making ends meet will be very difficult. That can all be eliminated by having life insurance to cover the unexpected.

When our twin girls were born six years ago the first thing both my wife and I did was to get life insurance so that our twin girls, in the event of one of us not being here, would still be supported and they can fully live out their dreams.

I interviewed my six year old twin girls about their futures and what they wanted out of life, and I’m already dreading the cost as one wants to be vet and doctor, and the other wants to be a rock star! I’m sure my wife and I will do our best to help them with their ambitions, but what if one of us wasn’t here to help them? That’s why life insurance is so important.

Check out the video of me interviewing the girls. It’s a real eye opener. I was stunned at how much they want to do with their lives and they are only six years old!


Disclosure: This post is produced in collaboration with Post Office. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

21 thoughts on “Video Special: Life Insurance So My Little Ones Can Follow Their Dreams #Ad

  1. Awesome video Nigel and fromt eh comments I’ve seen, making quite an impression on social media! Thinking about not being around for your kids is one thing. Thinking about failing to provide for them is different entirely. Well done Post Office for this campaign.

  2. Great post as always Nice. God I couldn’t imagine not being insured and planning for their futures, but also our partners. The loss of a partners tragic, the last thing anyone want to worry about if the house/finances. Nice to see awareness being made.

  3. When I gave up work I stopped a number of my policies, because of not having an income anymore and knowing that my wife was more then adequately covered for the both of us. Perhaps this is something I should look at again. Thanks for the post Nige #ThatFridayLinky

  4. Important post. Its one of those things that as parents we hate to think about, yet somehow often do. making sure that our families are taken care of in case of the unthinkable is an important part of parenting that isn’t often mentioned #thatfridaylinky

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