Making Mother’s Day A Special Day

Mother’s Day is always a very special day in our home. It’s a time when my five year old twin girls can really show how much they appreciate and love their mummy. Of course, I’m sure they appreciate and love her every day of the year, but on Mother’s Day they can pull out all the stops and spoil their mummy rotten. Up until this year I have always bought presents for their mum and wrapped them up and then given them to the girls on the morning of Mother’s Day to give to their mummy. This year I’ve decided… [Read More]

Black Clouds Are Filling My Mind

After the events of the last week in relation to my health, and the fact that at one point last Thursday, the severity of my situation really came home to me. Sometimes what happens in life can leave you fragile and vulnerable, and last week has  consequently made my mood plummet to a very low level. Lifting my spirits to carry on with simple daily tasks is for me at the moment very difficult. I genuinely don’t know how to put myself in a better frame of mind. At the moment I am currently not working. For me this is… [Read More]

My Heart/Health Scare

This week has been interesting to say the least. I woke up last Saturday or Sunday with a pain in my chest around the heart area, but being me, I ignored it and thought well it will go away I’m sure. Four days later the pain was not going away. In fact, if anything it seemed to be getting worst. I’m not the sort of person that rushes to the doctors, but this was beginning to worry me a little bit so I rang the GP for an emergency appointment on Wednesday. After a short consultation, the GP suggested I… [Read More]

5 Dad Bloggers To Watch Out For In 2018

There are always more and more Dad bloggers coming onto the scene every year. Some will hang around and go on to be very good solid bloggers, but like anything in life many will fall by the wayside, when in truth they find out how much hard work goes into making a successful blog. At the beginning of last year I wrote a post about bloggers to watch out for in 2017. So I thought I would give my opinion on who I think will hopefully be big in 2018. I have been blogging just over three years and it… [Read More]

Happy Birthday To My Wife Today

My beautiful and gorgeous wife is celebrating her birthday today, and I decided I would take this opportunity to tell the world how I feel about her. When you are lucky enough, as I have been to meet somebody, and you fit together like two jigsaw pieces, you just know you have met the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. It just works, no rhyme or reason why, it just does. If I’m honest well, it’s just perfect. Love like no other and you feel happy beyond your wildest dreams. The happiness I feel everyday,… [Read More]

Family And Love This Boxing Day In Our Home

I will never be super wealthy, but I don’t need to be, especially when I look around me and see who was in my home on Boxing Day. My five wonderful children, my beautiful wife and my mum. Let’s be honest all the money in world could never buy all that love and family. It’s what completes me as a dad, husband and son. In today’s money grabbing society, have we just lost the meaning of what’s really important in life? It’s family it’s togetherness and most importantly it’s love. Sibling love Many of us grew up in a loving… [Read More]

My Daughter E Made My Heart Burst With Pride

My 20 year old daughter, as regular readers may know, is in university studying to be a nurse, specialising in child nursing. She is currently in her third and final year. So all the hard work of A’ levels and then the first two years of university are culminating in this final six months or so. My pride for her was really brought home in the last few months. In the summer she went out to Uganda to help in a deprived poverty stricken area at the local hospital. Now this would probably shock most of us with the poor… [Read More]

What Makes A Great Dad

So you have just had a baby and you want to be a great dad. You decide to pop down to your local bookstore and by a book that will tell you exactly what to do, and hey ho! You will be a great dad, if only! We all know this is not remotely true! This got me thinking about what does make a great dad? Here I am building a workshop, with my 5 year old twins. 1. Listening I have always believed in listening to your children when they are talking to you and not dismissing them, and… [Read More]