When Do You Start Conversations About Sex Education With Your Children?

Come on then! Who has had these conversations, or do you shy away from conservations about sex? It’s that subject that parents still get embarrassed talking about with their children, but at what age do you start educating your children about sex? Let’s be brutally honest, schools and the education system are letting our children down with their idea of sex education as it will quite possibly involve an hour in year six of primary school, which is totally inadequate. Wouldn’t you agree? All you end getting is children either embarrassed or sniggering in the when they hear the word… [Read More]

I Lost My Temper with My Twins But I Don’t Regret It

We are approximately two and a half weeks into the school summer holidays and I think I have done very well in keeping my temper with my six year old twin girls. That was until the other day when I finally snapped. This is unusual for me because I very rarely shout like I did at one of the girls. In truth it could easily have been either of them, but it just happened to be M. We were just making a move out to go out for tea at a local pub and I said to the girls come… [Read More]

Twin love: My Sunday Photo

There are times when you are a constant referee, trying to stop the arguments which of course are a regular occurrence in every home up and down the UK with siblings fighting and arguing. and our home is no different. But every now and again there is a moment of magic where our six year old twin girls show their love for each other and this was caught on camera in this particular photo. What I really love about this photo is how R, who is all of two minutes older than her sister M, has her arm around her… [Read More]

OMG! Where Has The Last 23 Years Gone

My eldest daughter turned 23 years old at the beginning of July and I thought to myself, OMG! Where have the last 23 years gone? The years really do flash by in the blink of an eye. For me it really only feels like yesterday that I would sit on the patio and count the stars with her on a summer’s night at sunset, and try to pass on some words of wisdom to her, although we have had this conservation on a few occasions recently about how when she was four years old she would sit with me on… [Read More]

Making Your Dad Feel Special This Father’s Day With Vitabiotics WellMan

As a father of five children I have been fortunate to have been spoilt for many years as a dad, and if I’m honest, I love it! With children aged 22, 20, 19 and six year twin girls, every Father’s Day is special. Over the years they have reduced me to tears, happy tears I might add, and also fits of laughter with some of their more unusual presents. This year I have teamed up with Vitabiotics. To help you make your dad feel good this year, you can’t cannot go wrong with Vitabiotics Wellman. The Wellman range is an… [Read More]

Oh No! A Bear Is Eating Me: My Sunday Photo

Yesterday we went on a day trip to West Midlands Safari Park where they have a new feature called Ice Age. Whilst walking through the exhibit, we came across this very angry bear, so I did what any loving parent and husband would do. I fought the bear to allow my children and wife enough time to escape! Did I survive? Well, you will have to wait until tomorrow to see if I publish a full blog post review on our day trip to West Midlands Safari Park. I have linked up to My Sunday Photo on Photalife which is… [Read More]

Parenting And Certain Qualities You Will need

Becoming a parent changed me on so many levels that if I’m honest, I have found it difficult to comprehend ever that my eldest was born 22 years ago. Thankfully I believe the changes I made as a person made me a better person. I have found over the last 22 years I had qualities in my character and personality that I didn’t know existed. Here’s my list of some qualities that I found in myself after becoming a parent. Which I never knew I had. 1. Patience This was not something I had a lot of as a child,… [Read More]

Would You Ever Divorce Or Disown Your Children?

Becoming a parent is without question the most wonderful thing in my opinion that can happen to you in life, holding your new born baby for the very first time is it magical and quite honestly the most emotional moment of a person’s life, well for me it was and I have been lucky enough to have experienced this five times. Babies grow up and become toddlers and then teenagers and all along the way they will try your patience turn you grey have an opinion and will test you as a human being like nothing else in the world… [Read More]