5 Things That Make Christmas Special For Me

I have said this recently, actually more than once, yes, I love Christmas! It really is my favourite time of the year!

The excitement and build-up to Christmas day, there really is nothing like it! It’s the little things like when my six year old twin girls wake up in the morning and ask which number on the advent calendar to open, and then excitedly realise it’s one less day to Christmas. There are many things that make Christmas special for me, but I thought I would list my absolutely top five special things about Christmas, so here we go!

1. Decorating The House

It seems it is getting earlier every year that the Christmas decorations go up! So early in fact that in a few years time we might be thinking about putting up the decorations in August, haha!

Turning your house into Santa’s grotto is always loads of fun, and I still smile and laugh at the way children’s faces light up as we put up the tree and then turn on the lights with fingers crossed behind my back that they will work! Thank goodness they did this year.

2. Oh! That Pesky Elf

My six year old twins have been doing the shelf on the elf for a few years now, and this year I finally got involved. It previously has not been my favourite part, but this year I have got into the full swing and I actually started getting the elves up to mischief while the girls have been in school. It has been lots of fun that I now consider an important part of the Christmas build-up.

3. Christmas Eve

Our six year old twin girls are by this time headed off to the stratosphere of excitement and I mean excited! Every now and again you have to pull them of the ceiling, haha!

I love Christmas eve, especially once the girls have gone to bed and we prepare the lounge for the arrival of Father Christmas with fake snow, footprints, the half eaten carrot and mince pie, and all the milk drunk by Santa, and then of course their gifts all arranged around the tree. It all looks perfect for that 3am start on Christmas Day!

4. Christmas Day

It is always going to be an early start! OMG! It’s Christmas day, Santa has been and delivered the presents for the girls.

There is nothing better than with eyes that will hardly open trying to insert AA or is that AAA batteries because the girls want to play with their new toys now! Seriously it’s awesome watching the girls believing in the magic of Father Christmas whilst ripping open their presents at a breathtaking speed! If only they would eat their food that quickly or be ready to go to school on time! There is little chance of that, haha!

Sitting down for Christmas dinner is always a special moment where we get to pull crackers and eat lots of good food that would not normally be eaten on a weekly basis.


This is without question the most special part of Christmas for me. My family. It’s that one time of the year, when hopefully I get all the people I love the most all in the same room at the same time. My five children, my mum and the one person that has helped me realise how special Christmas is, my wife. There is nothing better, and it really is the magic that only Christmas can deliver. Love and family.

What makes Christmas special for you? I would love to hear in the comments below.

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