Christmas Past Christmas Now!

I love Christmas. It’s easily my favourite time of the year by a long way, but I love the Christmas of today and that is something that has happened from the experiences of my own childhood when Christmas was not such a happy time. Growing up, as I have written about on occasion before, was at times incredibly difficult. My family when growing up has to be up with the best of them as super dysfunctional. It was like walking into a war zone every time I entered my house. I say house because it was so far removed from… [Read More]

Santa Safari At West Midlands Safari Park Our Trip #AD

There is no doubt in our home that Christmas is easily our favourite part of the year. When you have six year old twin girls that still fiercely believe in Father Christmas it gives the festive season that magical feel that only children can create. They believe, and that’s quite simply the magic of Christmas for my wife and I. So when I was invited to have the experience of a Santa Safari at West Midland Safari Park, we as a family took absolutely no convincing! West Midland Safari Park has without question become our favourite place to visit on… [Read More]

Christmas Gift Guide 2018 #AD

I cannot believe that Christmas is here again. The last year seems to have flown by. For me the most exciting time of the year will always be Christmas. It’s especially exciting to all gather together as a family and celebrate. Every year I have done a Christmas gift guide and this year is no different. Well maybe a little bit different because I have gone for a complete mix bag of presents that you can get for family or friends. So if you are looking for inspiration take a read to see what I have selected for my Christmas… [Read More]

Do Our Children See Christmas As Just A Big Bag Of Presents

Christmas is nearly upon us once again and it has got me thinking about how my six year old twins see Christmas. Is it just a big bag of presents? Of course with them only be six years old they still believe in the whole nine yards of Father Christmas delivering presents on Christmas Eve, but if I’m honest this will most likely be the last year that happens. They will be in junior school by Christmas 2019 and the truth will most likely come out from older children. I’m not actually bothered about that it to be honest. It… [Read More]

Christmas Morning OMG! It 5.15am Please Sleep

I was woken up by a five year old little girl saying can we get up now please, but it’s 5.15am sweetie, just a little more sleep please! What we didn’t know was she had already been on a reconnaissance mission to the lounge to see if Father Christmas had been! How did we find this out? Well I shall tell you. We have a security camera in our lounge that detects motion and at 5.15am, motion was detected, and for all of 10 seconds you can see a little girl checking if Father Christmas had eaten any of the… [Read More]

Merry Christmas Everyone

It’s Christmas Day and that means family time for me, but I want to take this opportunity to say thank you and to wish everybody a Merry Christmas. This includes the people that have taken the time to read my blog and comment, all the many bloggers that are very good friends and all my family and friends. Also all the people that I have worked and collaborated with this past year. I have had a fantastic year and I hope you all have too. Time to have some family time for the next few days and a rest from… [Read More]

T’is The Day Before Christmas

Christmas Eve is always a super busy day for us. We have family and friends to visit, and we like to get everything out of the way. So we can enjoy Christmas Day at home with all the children, and it’s especially nice because our five year old twins get to play with all their new toys on Christmas Day. It’s the perfect family day. Christmas Eve is as exciting for us as parents, as I know it is for our little ones. Ok, maybe it’s a bit more exciting for the twins, because they know Father Christmas is coming… [Read More]

Oh YES! That Father Christmas Threat

Come on then how many times have you said this to your little ones in the last few weeks! I could lie and say I would never resort to such threats, haha! Not a chance! I have actually forgotten how many times I have said this so far this year and for that matter how many times I have heard my wife say it. The problem with this particular threat is in my opinion it falls on deaf ears, or least it falls on very deaf ears as far as my five year old twin girls are concerned. It goes… [Read More]