School Sports Day: My Sunday Photo

We had our schools sports day for our six year old twin girls during the last week.

The school the girls attend, I have to admit make a huge effort to ensure sports day is an enjoyable experience for both pupils and parents, and this year was no different. It is a sports day that has winners and losers, although there is not a huge emphasis on whether somebody comes first, second or third, but at the end of the afternoon there is a winning house and just for good measure my twin girls were in the winning house.

My twin girls never cease to amaze me how incredibly different they are, and in the sprint race this was brought home to me. R ran her race eyes forward, trying her best and bless her she came third trying all the way. Then came M as you will see from My Sunday Photo. You will see that winning or losing means absolutely nothing to her. I think she was coming last for most of the race, but as she approached where her mum and I were sitting she turned to look at us with the biggest smile in the world, waving frantically! The race at this point was of no consequence to her. Actually it was very sweet to watch, and to her it was more important to wave to mummy and daddy than to win the race, or in fact running at all. If only we could convert her enthusiasm to wave at us to sprinting, she would probably be faster than Usain Bolt!

If there was ever a campaign to make sports days fair and equal she would be perfect to spearhead the campaign. I’m sure in her mind it truly is only about taking part, and that has to be admired.

I absolutely love this photo and it actually put the biggest smile ever on my face.

I have linked to My Sunday Photo hosted by Darren from Photalife.

6 thoughts on “School Sports Day: My Sunday Photo

  1. Thanks for sharing your Sunday activity with your twins. I definitely agree that no two individuals, even if they are twins, are the same. You guys are amazing for not letting this activity pass. Kudos! I am sure your girls we so happy to see you there.

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