School Sports Day: My Sunday Photo

We had our schools sports day for our six year old twin girls during the last week. The school the girls attend, I have to admit make a huge effort to ensure sports day is an enjoyable experience for both pupils and parents, and this year was no different. It is a sports day that has winners and losers, although there is not a huge emphasis on whether somebody comes first, second or third, but at the end of the afternoon there is a winning house and just for good measure my twin girls were in the winning house. My… [Read More]

Do I Want My 6 Year Old Twins To Hero Worship Today’s Cheating Sport Stars

When I was growing up I don’t think I ever hero worshipped any sports people, but there is no doubt that I held many in high regard for some of their incredible sporting achievements. So what happened? It’s a fairly simple answer. Sport is all about money. The sport stars of today are paid mega bucks to reach the biggest and highest achievements they can, and this is all about getting more sponsorship and endorsements. The more successful they are the more money they can earn, but it appears today that it has all been achieved by cheating. The Australian… [Read More]

Sports Day: Are You A Competitive Parent? 

Sports day at your children’s school can bring out the best and worst in parents. Some parents will say it’s all about taking part and trying your best and that’s perfectly fine and ok, but in my humble opinion this doesn’t teach our children a winning mentality and let’s be honest life is very competitive no matter what occupation or path you take in life. It really is all about winning, well at least I think so. When I was in primary school being politically correct simply didn’t exist. My aim on sports day was to win the sprint. I… [Read More]