Darth Vader Is Coming For You: My Sunday Photo

This week my Sunday Photo is Darth Vader appearing from behind a wall to put the fear of god into anybody walking by. Thankfully I was on hand to capture the moment on my trusted iPhone X, otherwise who would have believed that Darth Vader had landed on earth and was living a normal life in the leafy suburbs of a city in South Wales. I imagined he is probably married with two children doing the school run every day, haha!

Now the real truth is I live next door to the car park entrance of a pub and I went around to the car park to look for something, and as I turned around, there slowly rising above the top of the wall is my twin daughter, R, with a Darth Vader mask on. I’m sure that her mummy was lifting her slowly up, or maybe not, which would mean she is a superhero and her special power would be being able to grow tall, and shrink back to her normal size. I guess we will never know.

What I do know is that Darth Vader is watching our every move!

I have linked up to My Sunday Photo Hosted by Darren of Photalife

5 thoughts on “Darth Vader Is Coming For You: My Sunday Photo

  1. So long as R wasn’t going to the pub on her own Nigel! The bar stuff would have trouble age checking her with that on her head! Funny pic and love the back story.

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