Do I Regret Having Children: Maybe, Maybe Not

This is a hot topic of recent days. Apparently there have been many parents that, although they love their children, have said that they’ve regretted having them. This is something I struggle to understand. Over last week or so it’s been all over the radio with many people debating it. I was actually asked to take part in a couple of shows, but decided to decline, mainly because I didn’t think I could add anything of any value to the debate, but I thought via my blog, I would add my opinion. It’s 2018 and 25 years ago I was… [Read More]

What have you given up for lent?

Lent is something that happens every year and it lasts 40 days. This year it started on February 14th and will end on March 29th. It always starts on Ash Wednesday and finishes on Holy Saturday over the Easter period. The idea of Lent is for Christians to reflect. It’s also a time of repentance, fasting and to prepare for Easter. Nowadays times have changed quite a bit from biblical times, possibly because we now have many more temptations, and bad habits that the human race has developed and we can consequently give up for Lent. The world has moved… [Read More]

Tips For Removing A Radiator When Decorating

Over the years I have often been asked to remove radiators before decorating. As such this is now second nature to me, but there was a time when I first became self-employed as a painter and decorator that I didn’t quite know what I was doing. On one such occasion many years ago I was decorating a kitchen and I had to wallpaper all the walls. You can of course just wallpaper around so that you just pass the radiator. and the chances are nobody would know any different. For me that’s simply not good enough. I’m a perfectionist and for… [Read More]

Dad Has said No! Haha! That Means Yes!

Come on then! How many times have you said no to one of your children when they have wanted something, and you have so meant it and have held out for one minute, and then given in and said yes. This has happened to me so many times that I lost count years ago. Do I know why I say yes so quickly after being totally adamant that they are going to have whatever they are asking for? Simple really! I love my children, and if I could walk on hot coals for them I would, although I wouldn’t recommend… [Read More]

The Perfect Mother’s Day Cake With InterCake #ad

Mother’s Day is nearly upon us. It’s one of those days that mum can be super spoilt by her children. This Mother’s Day I have teamed up with InterCake so that my six year old twin girls can give their mummy a very special surprise. A cake that has a very personal touch to make Mother’s Day just that little bit better for her. So what’s so special about InterCake? Well, I shall tell you. You can personalise the cake with a photo of mummy or a photo of mummy with her little darlings which is what I decided to… [Read More]

Let’s Have Some Quality Time With The Children

What is this thing they call quality time that you spend with your family and children? First of all I have to admit some of our modern terminology really annoys me so much, and this particular term; “Lets have some quality time with our children”, is easily top of the list. I will go into detail as to why later in this post. Growing up I never heard of this term once, but then again my parents didn’t spend that much time time with me at all so I guess I missed out completely. However, I’m also from a generation… [Read More]

So You Have Brought Your Flat-Pack Furniture: What Next?

So you have decided to upgrade and re-new the furniture in your home, and this can be an expensive business. Like a lot of people to reduce costs you go for flat-pack furniture. The selection is vast, and there are many shops nowadays you can go to, to pick what you want, and they always look awesome when they’re fully assembled in the shop, or in the catalogue online in a beautiful setting, the perfect bedroom or lounge. The only problem of course is when you get home with your new furniture it doesn’t quite look like it did in… [Read More]

Should You Intervene When Your Children Are Arguing?

When I was growing up I was one of three children. My siblings were a lot older than me so arguing with them never seemed an issue. If anything I was spoiled by them, which I have to admit gives me fond memories. When I had my own children it was quite a shocking revelation to see siblings argue. From my first marriage I have three children. The age gap of all three of them is just three and half years, which is very close. As they grew up I started to see more arguments happen between them and initially… [Read More]