A Mother’s Day Thank You Card To Break A Guinness World Record #AD

Mother’s Day is a very important day all around the world. It’s also a very special day in our home for a couple of reasons. My seven year old twin girls love to spoil their mum, my wife. The other reason is my mum who is in the twilight years of her life. This means that we make a big effort because the number of Mothers Days we will celebrating with her is sadly not going to be that many more.

Spoiling and celebrating your mum on Mother’s Day is so important. It means that mum knows how appreciated, valued and quite honestly how important they are to you. It gives us all the opportunity to tell our mums we love them, and how important it is to have them in our lives.

So recently when I was approached by WishYoo to collaborate with them for Mother’s Day I thought yes! I would love too.

This year WishYoo have joined forces with NO MORE to celebrate Mother’s Day and produce a Mother’s Day thank you card where everyone can sign it and relate their special message for their mum.

What is so special about the Global Mother’s Day card is that it is a year round charity event that supports No More’s work to prevent and stop domestic violence and any sort of sexual violence worldwide.

Nowadays many countries have a date in the year for this very important day. This is to mark the challenging, but beautiful experience it is of having a child or raising a child.

This year the campaign will be launched in the UK during the last week of March. This will be followed by the announcement of the card in the U.S., Asia and most countries in Latin America where Mother’s Day is celebrated in May. The card will then end up in Argentina at the end of October.

The organisers of the campaign aim to beat the World Guinness Record for the biggest collaborative greeting card. To achieve this they need to reach 40,000 signatures or dedications throughout the world.

It’s a global event which can remind us of the way technology can be used to preserve the environment and all our forests, while at the same time it will cherish the beautiful memories of those people that are closest to us. WishYoo’s patented platform is a very important part of this evolution.

Now it’s time for you to do your part and you can access the card through the link here.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and sign the global Mother’s Day card now!

This is a paid collaboration with WishYoo



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