Protecting Your Home When You Are On Your Summer Holiday

It’s that time of the year when the school holidays are upon us, and it’s time to start getting excited about your annual family holiday. I know I always get excited as it draws nearer to the time when you are either flying off somewhere abroad or driving to a place in our country to stay at a beach resort in a hotel, a caravan or you could be going camping. Whatever your destination is family holidays are always to be enjoyed. An opportunity to leave all the worries of the daily grind behind you for a week or more.

As we leave our homes for a holiday that is relaxing and full of fun and sunshine, how much care do we take to make sure our home is safe and it will be exactly as we left it so many days earlier when we return?

How many of us in the excitement of starting our holidays forget to be extra careful in the security of our homes? I know I have in the past.

This summer I have teamed up with Axa Insurance who have produced an infographic that shows 30 very easy ways of reducing the risk of your home being burgled. In all honesty they really some very simple ways to make your home less attractive to burglars, whether it’s installing CCTV or security lamps that detect movement outside your home etc. You can also have a remote camera inside your home linked to your phone so you can at anytime check that your property is safe and also timed lights inside the home that makes it look like someone is home.

There is also the security measures you don’t think about, and one that was highlighted on the infographic was advertising the fact you are on holidays via social media. Wait until you are home before posting your holiday photos. This is a massive advert to a burglar and believe me they are watching everything nowadays.

You can check out all the tips from Axa Insurance via their infographic here 30 easy ways to reduce break-ins.

There is doubt that going on holiday is exciting, but make sure you secure your home so when you come home, you don’t have a burglary to sort out and many of your treasured items being quite likely lost forever.

Here are my three tips to make sure your home is safe this summer while you are on holiday.

1. Neighbours

Tell your neighbours you are away and give them your phone number so that if there is a problem they can contact you. If they hear anything that is not right they can react by calling the police.

2. Friend or Relative

If you can arrange for a friend or relative to call by while you are away just to keep an eye on your property if somebody was watching your property it will look like somebody is home.

3. Security Lighting

Make sure all your security lighting is working outside if somebody tries to break in, and a big light all of a sudden lights up their activity, they will soon move on.

That is just a small selection of security tips, but check out Axa Insurance’s infographic for loads of tips and advice, then you can enjoy your summer holiday with the peace of mind that home is safe.

Disclosure: This post is in Collaboration with Axa Insurance. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

4 thoughts on “Protecting Your Home When You Are On Your Summer Holiday

  1. Informing neighbours to keep an eye out and asking friends and relatives to check in periodically are key ones for me too – CCTV has been on my list for a while and we really need!

  2. Having just moved house, we’ve installed a fully operational CCTV system. I think it’s great and wish we had one sooner. I never post to social media until we’re home either. I see people do this all the time and never understand why. Good work AXA.

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