Where Has The Blog Love Gone?

2017 was the year that I saw a dramatic change in the world of blogging. There seemed to be a considerable rise in having a go at each other on social media. For the life of me I don’t understand why?

Blogging, I have always thought, was a community we were all proud to be a part of. To support and help each other, but 2017 seemed to change where it was the norm to jump on people if they made a mistake or wrote something that was considered controversial.

What actually amazes me is that this can all be done behind the security of a screen. Would we really speak to each other in real life in what at times is a disgusting way. Or join in a group of people bullying one person, in a public place. We wouldn’t! So let’s keep it off social media.

The answer to that is quite simply, NO! We wouldn’t, we would hopefully have some manners, and treat people with respect. So why would it acceptable from behind a screen? It’s quite simply not.

When I started blogging just over three years ago, it was a friendly community and blog love was alive and kicking. We would share each other’s posts and support each other, although that is still around today there just seems to be less of it. Over the last three years I have been very fortunate to meet some wonderful people who I now see as very good friends.

There is an unsavoury move to attacking people if their opinions differ from yours or you have written a post that might be considered controversial, or you tweet something and we have all done this which you instantly regret, but somebody sees it and decides to screenshot it and then share it in Facebook groups. Which is wrong on every level. What has changed?

I believe in the three and a half years I have been blogging a lot has changed, and the biggest one change I have noticed is maybe jealousy of successful bloggers. Of course nowadays there is a lot more money in blogging. Which can sadly make people greedy, but there is enough to go around for everybody. At least that’s what I believe.

I have personally worked incredibly hard as have many other bloggers to have a blog that brands want to deal with. It most certainly didn’t happen overnight and there was no secret formula. Actually saying that there is a secret to having a blog that brands want to work with. It’s about hard work and dedication and great content and a following that it makes it worthwhile for a brand to work with you.

I have never actually pitched a brand for work, but I have been lucky enough to have been approached by them. Saying that, it’s not luck, again it’s all the hard work I put into my blog that has paid off brands have noticed me and I give them 100%, whenever I am writing a post for a brand , which they are happy with, that they will want to hopefully work with me again.

So when I see on social media people having a dig for working with certain brands. Yes, it’s annoying, mainly because I think it’s possibly jealousy that they are not getting these offers of work.

So many people come into the world of blogging thinking it’s easy quick money, unless you go viral overnight in your first week of blogging, which I can assure you is unlikely, you’ll have to work for the opportunities just like I have, and it takes time, so don’t get all nasty on social media with bloggers that are reasonably successful, because they have had some nice opportunities. Look a little deeper and you just may realise these bloggers have worked damm hard to achieve it.

I have been fortunate enough to meet some the biggest bloggers in the UK today. The one thing I always take away from our meeting is inspiration, they have always inspired me to work harder and try to make mine the best blog that I can. I have never felt inferior or insignificant. In fact quite the opposite, they have always found the time to give sound advice.

Blog love has always been vitally important to me, ever since I started blogging I have always shared. It takes a second and why not? If you like something, share it.

The blogging world in general is a lovely community to be a part of, but in 2017 I saw a dark side of people on social media where one person can start a witch hunt on just one person, that runs out of control very quickly, and what does it achieve? Absolutely nothing.

Let’s stick together as bloggers and enjoy what each of us is doing and show a little love, and encouragement. Let’s just be nice to each other, because being nice to somebody more often than not puts a smile on their face.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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35 thoughts on “Where Has The Blog Love Gone?

  1. I agree, Blogging has become a bit competitive in certain places. However, I have also found a kind caring community of online friends who are always there for me and who support me as much as possible. #globalblogging

  2. I’ve only been blogging over a year and I haven’t experienced any negativity but then I don’t suffer fools gladly to be honest. I have been supported a lot by other wonderful bloggers and in return started writing a blog series called Why She Inspires Me just so I could thank all those wonderful female bloggers who are smashing it at the moment. I do think it has to do with money though and who is and is not successful. I think #bloglove should be a new social media trend 🙂


  3. Blogging is a lot more competitive now than when I set up my first blog in 2012! I don’t understand people getting jealous and bitchy, you achieve what you work hard for, it does feel a struggle at times to keep up but I love seeing my blogging friends succeed as much as I enjoy doing well myself.

  4. You have just summed up how I feel about blogging in 2017, I try so hard to ignore the negative but it was getting harder to avoid last year. I believe it’s each to their own in blogging, you do you type of thing.

  5. I think for some there may be some jealously or envy, which can be a good thing if used right. You need to be inspired and pushed by others and not hate on them. We’re all in it together.

    In fairness though, I haven’t seen that much negativity, but I’m still quite new to all this.

  6. Oh dear, I’m so sorry that you’ve experienced something like this. I’ll never understand why some people prefer to run someone else down. There’s nothing wrong with disagreeing with someone, but you don’t have to be nasty about it. Hopefully 2018 will prove to be a love filled sharing kinda year

  7. Well said. People are always going to be envious of others in any walk of life but there’s never any need for bullying (for that’s basically what it is). As far as I’m aware, I’ve only been on the receiving end of online behaviour like this from one person but that’s already more than enough.

  8. With you all the way on this, by and large I’ve found the blogging community very hospitable, but I do veer away from controversial discussions and debates. I don’t come online for an argument. #GlobalBlogging

  9. I really wasn’t sure if it was just that i hadn’t noticed it before or if things have changed…sounds like perhaps things have changed. I have been genuinely shocked by some of the facebook/twitter/screenshot ‘spats’. It’s toxic and very sad in some cases. This is a lovely read and a lovely reminder of how big chunks of the blogging community are still that – a community, one that supports and cheerleaders for each other. #familyfun

  10. Yes, I agree. Over the last 12 months I have noticed a change and it makes me very sad. I like to be nice to every one and can never understand why anyone would want to be nasty and jealous. We can only be ourselves and let the nasties get on with it. Great post. #familyfun

  11. Good old fashioned being nice. Sadly it appears to be out of fashion, or was in 2017. It’s a strange one as in all walks of life I see someone do something truly awful and I lose faith in people. The following day I will witness greatness and again believe in human beings.

    I strongly believe social media isn’t changing us, only exposing us. Unfortunately, it’s easier in today’s world to spread your nastiness and it’s almost like negativity is more popular than positivity. It’s a massive shame.

    Having said that, I’m doing my bit to spread as much positivity as I can, hopefully creating a smile from someone somewhere, one smile at a time.


  12. Great post. I never got into blogging for the money. It still isn’t in my head. I just want to concentrate on posting good content. If that comes to be then great if it doesn’t well.. I’ll still continue to write.

    I jave only been doing this for 3 months. But in that time I feel a lot of influencial bloggers have helped me including yourself. It’s been a great feeling to be accepted into this over crowded market.

    I can total understand why people would get jealous. But if there not putting the work in and just moan all the time then why would any brand want to work with them. But it’s like that in life isn’t it. People see other people making a successful life, others want it but can’t so they hit out. And like you say would they do it if they were face to face. Probably not.

  13. Hi, Luckily I have not experienced any negativity I think it is a real shame, surely we should help support and promote fellow bloggers #MondayStumble

  14. Totally agree! We’ve been blogging for over 3 years and noticed it too online. 🙁 Not much positive engagement on twitter and the friendliness and chatting is harder to find. Even linky’s aren’t working the way they used too as there’s been many a time we’ve joined in and people link dump. Blogging is our hobby so luckily we’re not in it for the money, but it’s definitely a ‘dog eat dog’ world and blogging is super competitive nowadays. Need to bring back the blog love! #FamilyFunLinky x

  15. I have only been blogging a year and have not experienced anything but support and friendliness from other bloggers but then I don’t expect anyone is jealous of my little space on the Internet! I’m saddened to hear this Nigel. Unfortunately in any job you will always get horrid people basically. They often are sad little people who don’t like themselves very much. I love your blog; especially when you touch on sensitive subjects like Gender issues. Without genuine bloggers who strive to blog about these issues then it would be a very boring place! I also think no one has any idea how hard blogging is until you are in it; I didn’t. It’s a lot of work. Please don’t let those trolls get you down. #globalblogging

  16. Excellent post, Nige. Sharing the love is something that should happen in the blogging world. It is, as you say, easy to hide behind a computer and through stones. I enjoy and applaud any bloggers success, because I have realised how much work is needed to make a blog successful even for yourself let alone others.

  17. Well said. I used to be in a niche podcast community. At first it was all back patting, then it turned to back stabbing. I quit and moved on.

    I learned a lot from this and as a result became a semi blinkered blogger. I love the community aspect and 2 years ago it was different. The last thing I need in my life is drama. 2017 did see some divides and hopefully also pulled some people closer together.

  18. I have to agree that I have seen the shift too. Our little bit of the blog world has remained pretty supportive and lovely, but I have seen a few jaw-dropping comments aimed at other bloggers. The bloggers community is such a huge part of everything, let’s hope that 2018 brings out the best in everyone. #globalblogging

  19. This should go with everything in life not just blogging really! I must admit I’m oblivious to what “goes on” sometimes because I’m happy plugging away over here writing my content, trying to improve, I’m not wanting the next best thing. It’s easy to hide behind a screen. I took my foot off the pedal in 2017 to do my 2nd baby so I definitely didn’t notice anything! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

  20. I was thinking this the other day, where has the blog love gone? I feel like twitter isn’t the same anymore and linkys have changed to an extent too. Also feel some bloggers are definitely out for themselves instead of supporting other bloggers around them. There’s definitely been a shift. This is probably the third post I’ve read in as many weeeks about how blogging isn’t the same anymore and that’s such a shame x #bloggersbest

  21. Great post Nige, I totally agree I also see just how competitive it is too, it always surprises me the nasty side of it and see no need for it. We are supposed to be supportive of each other after all! Thanks for linking up! #BloggersBests

  22. It’s a shame that some in the blogosphere are unfriendly. We should all be able to get along. There will be things that people disagree with but may that lead to good wholesome constructive criticism and education rather than nastiness. #FamilyFunLinky

  23. I feel very fortunate. I have met so many lovely people through this journey in the blogosphere, I am grateful. I don’t feel competitive. I do feel that I always want more time to write, read and meet more people. I hope things soften up. This is a tough world… we should all stick together and take care of each other. #globalblogging xoxo

  24. Thoughtful post as ever Nigel.

    I’m guessing because I’m a half arsed blogger (hobby blogger sounds like I’m an anorak wearing loser up in the attic with a laptop) and have stuck to pretty much the same circle of bloggers. I’ve never seen any of the darker side of blogging.


  25. We always think of bullying as something that school kids do or endure, but the reality is that online bullying and belittling is rampant between adults too, and sadly the blogging community is part of that. I won’t stand for it. If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t type it!

  26. Love this read. I’m guilty of not commenting on as many blogs as I should. But this has inspired me to set aside an hour or so each week just to comment on others blogs.
    Would never dream of having a pop an anyone over social media.
    Blogging isn’t easy and we should support each other

  27. Love this! I am only 4 months into blogging and heard such wonderful things about it but have been a spectator to so much cyber bullying. I have tried to get out of the social media groups and pages where this happens because I am a simple, positive, mom blogger and I don’t want to get near controversy and bullying. There’s just no need for that kind of hatred.

  28. Och, it is truly daft Nigel. I stick out of social media spats. Yes, I think there is jealousy out there. There is more to writing a successful blog than work, work, work. It is no different to any other area of life. I know I’ve been the subject of snarky, snide attacks on social media. I take that as another sign I’m doing well!

  29. There are some people who are super generous with sharing other people’s posts, and some who only seem to look out for themselves are tear each other down. I think in the end, the latter group will do more harm to themselves than anything else because I am much more likely to share the content of someone who is a team player and supports others.

    I host a linky called BlogCrush which is all about sharing the blog love around – bloggers have to link up one of their own posts AND link up a post by somebody else. It’s such a nice way to big up our fellow writers and I love hearing the feedback that being added has made someone’s day.

    And congratulations because someone loved this post so much, they added it to the BlogCrush linky! Feel free to collect your “I’ve been featured” blog badge! (and join us one Friday if you fancy it!) #blogcrush

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