A Final Post About My Daughter E And University: She Is A Qualified Nurse

It’s been nearly three years since I took my daughter, E, to Southampton to start her university course to study nursing. It actually only seems like yesterday, and I clearly remember how emotional I was at leaving E at her university halls, and the drive back home was lonely. It gave me plenty of time to reflect on how much she had achieved in such a short time, and of course I knew I was going to miss her, and it was tough leaving her a two hour drive away from home, but that’s life and your children grow up… [Read More]

Kitchen Blinds – Should Be Easy To Clean

Making sure you have the right blind for your kitchen can be difficult. They should look great and be extremely practical. An important thing to take into account is your cleaning routine. As it isn’t a good idea to choose a set of blinds which are problematic to clean as they are bound to get dirty whilst you are cooking. For the best results, We would recommended a roller blind as they are extremely simple to keep clean. But, there are many people who are choosing wooden window blinds because they are immune to rapid temperature changes, not only this… [Read More]

Will Women Be Getting A Better Deal By The Time My Twins Finish School?

Our twin girls, R & M will be seven years old on their next birthday which is in February, by which time they will be halfway through Year 2 which is also their final year in infants, before moving on to junior school. Before I know it, they will be in secondary school and preparing for university. It sounds crazy I know, but it will be around in the blink of an eye. Recently the UK had a visit from the current president of the United States of America. The protest against his visit was immense and I hope that… [Read More]

I Just Don’t Feel The Man I Was

Since I had a stroke earlier this year so much has changed about the way I feel about myself. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when and how I have changed, I just don’t feel the same. With the year of ill-health I have experienced it has made me put my life in perspective, but it has also left me feeling battered and bruised from the whole experience. Life just has a habit sometimes of kicking you between the legs when you least expect it. Many aspects of my life have changed and coming to terms with those changes is so… [Read More]

Want a simple Life? Add These Technologies to Your New Home

We all want to come home after work and school run to chill and relax, and spend some great time with the family. However, not all homes are designed the same, so you might need to make some smart alterations to the design to suit your needs and your kids’. In case you are thinking about moving house, there are a couple of things you should consider adding to your home to make your life easier and more relaxed. Home Automation image via Pixabay No matter if you are away most of the day or want to make sure that… [Read More]

Does A University Education Prepare You For The Real World?

I will start this post by saying I never went to university or for that matter ever had the opportunity to do so. At age sixteen I finished my GCSE’s and was promptly told by my mother that I needed to find a job as she was not going to fund my life. So on a personal experience level I have no idea of how university does or doesn’t prepare you for the real world, but… Two of my children have attended university. One has completed her course and the other is moving into his second year in September, so… [Read More]

How Your Looks Change As You Get Older

Growing up I never once thought about how much your body, in particular your hair would change. When you are in your twenties and thirties, well to be quite honest, nothing really changes. Then you have children and settle into a comfortable, domesticated lifestyle, and when children are introduced to your lifestyle, well in all honesty you don’t have the time or inclination to look after yourself in the way you should. Most of the reason behind this has to be sleep deprivation. When the children are asleep all you’ll find yourself wanting to do is catch up on the… [Read More]

6 Important Things to Look for in a Family Home

When you are looking for a family home there are several things you should consider. Whether you already have children or are planning for them, the right home can make life easier and more comfortable for the whole family. Image source Location The location of the property is very important to parents especially. Is it near to local good schools? Will commuting to work be simple enough, without dragging your journey out longer than it needs to be? Are the other conveniences close by such as shops, play areas and doctors? When you have got children you do not want to… [Read More]