Twins do and say the funniest things part 12

I haven’t done one of these for a while and the girls really do come out with some amazing things. I lose count, but here is a selection of different things they say and do. The older they get the funnier they are without a doubt. 

1. M said she wanted a picture to colour in and I said well where will I get that from? M replied with, “On the website!”. My response was, “Where did you hear that?” M said, “I have an imagination!” 

2. When the girls were going to bed R said to her mum, “I was sitting on E’s head (her older sister) her mum replied, “You mean your sister M to which R replied yes I know E is my sister. 

3. M came up to me and said what’s your name so I said Nigel M replied no no no! What we call you I replied Daddy M said that’s right. 

4. M said I will keep my fluffs inside we replied whys that then because they smell when they come out. Logical 

5. R was being told something and she replied I will store that in my memory and then added I have only one space left now in my memory.

6. R said it’s too late for my job today so I said what job she said I will sing and M can dance to my singing jobs sorted for the twins!

7. R asked her mum what she wanted mummy said a million pounds how do I get that then. R said go to the bank and just ask for it. It’s really that easy. 

8. One night before bed I took a drink up for girls to our bedroom for the middle of the night it was very dark the girls know we keep dummy’s under our pillows as I did I heard out of the dark ” I want a dummy ” scared,frightened are just a few things that I felt R was standing there looking for a dummy thought I was going to have a heart attack lol! 

The following day she hadn’t remembered it but I told her and then the rest of the day she kept saying I won’t frighten you tonight Yes I will! Little tinker. 

9. We were all sitting on the sofa and I announced that I was tired M said don’t say that to me say it to your mother.

10. R said to her mum do a babies voice my wife said ask daddy to do it. R replied nooo he can’t do it you are much better. Oh to feel wanted. 

11. M had to go to hospital the other day to get checked out. On the way home she wasn’t feeling good so my wife gave her a dummy, blanket etc. R then said “mum”, but before she had a chance to say anything her mum said you do not need a dummy in the day and in truth she went on a bit! Finally when my wife had finished talking, R said I want a drink, not a dummy. Brilliant,really made me laugh!

Hope you enjoyed our twins funny moments. 

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