Brilliant Dad Feature. It’s Over

I have decided after debating with myself for what seems like ages to bring to end my weekly Brilliant Dad Feature. I am doing so with a very heavy heart because my blog is three years old this October and one of the most consistent themes throughout the life of my blog has been the brilliant dad feature.

When I started the feature I genuinely believed it wouldn’t go past week 10. I was a new dad blogger and after all why would anybody take the time to answer six questions? Nobody knew me, so I was overwhelmed at how many dad bloggers took the time to not only answer the questions, but genuinely take time to answer the questions in so much detail.

Last Thursday was the last time the Brilliant Dad Feature went live and after 125 weeks I am finishing the feature. I loved doing it and more importantly loved reading all the answers and how we all answer the same question so differently. That part never ceased to amaze me, the differences between us dads, but also what came across is that we all had experienced the joys and the trials and tribulations of fatherhood that would ultimately simply just make us dad to our children.

It’s really hard to believe that it lasted 125 weeks. I would like say a big thank you to everyone of you that took part, without whom I could never have created the brilliant dad feature.

I have always felt honoured and humbled that you were prepared to answer six simple questions with such honesty. Although they were simple questions, I always felt that drew on our emotions and there is no doubt to me that I saw that in each and everyone that took part.

That’s it guys! The Brilliant Dad Feature is done! It’s over. Thank you for reading and taking part. I will always be grateful for your contribution.

11 thoughts on “Brilliant Dad Feature. It’s Over

  1. Well Nigel, I must thank you for letting me take part. It was a great way to support the community. I don’t know what your reasons are, but I know sometimes I look at my own blog and think “I’m going to knock that on the head now.” Sometimes you just have to do it.

    On the other hand, I’m sure you’ll come up with another great idea to fill the void.

    1. Thank you John. If it help the dad Bloggers community then that’s all I wanted to do, it was great fun to do right to the end. But it felt right to finish. Not quite sure why just knew it was time to move forward. I have a new idea but it will be for the new year.

  2. It was a great feature, Nige. I remember feeling so honoured that you invited me to be a part of it. It was the first time I had written for someone else. I still have the link on my page. I’ve really enjoyed reading the brilliant dad feature. There have been some excellent responses.
    Thanks for hosting.

  3. When I first started, you were an great help Nigel. You pointed me in the way of a number of Linkies which really helped me get my name out there. Your ‘Brilliant Dad’ feature was the first post of it’s kind for me so thank you very much for letting me join in and for the help. 125 weeks is an amazing record, well done pal.

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