5 Signs You’re Dealing with a Trustworthy Plumber

The difference between a good plumber and a bad plumber is the one who puts a minimal fix on the leak to get paid today and the one who troubleshoots the root cause and finds all the places the corroded plumbing joints need to be replaced. A trustworthy plumber saves you money by fixing things right the first time and never replacing things that don’t need to be replaced.

Here are five signs you’re dealing with a trustworthy plumber.

Their Reputation

A trustworthy plumber has a long history in the community and a good reputation. An untrustworthy plumber closes up shop once they have too many bad reviews and re-opens under a new name. This doesn’t mean every new plumber cannot be trusted, but it is safer to go with an established business with a demonstrated record of quality and plenty of reviews to back it up. A good example of this can be seen through the Cheltenham plumbers at Plumbing Care Services who have been working in the industry for more than 10 years. They have multiple testimonials to read through on their website, which is always worth looking at before making a decision.

They Tell You What They Are Going to Do and Do It

Trustworthy plumbers are able and willing to explain in language you understand what they are going to do before they do it. If they find new issues, such as a cracked wall or fixture breaking, they tell you as soon as it is practical and give you clear information on how this changes their scope of work. Unscrupulous plumbers may give you a lowball quote and then surprise you with extra fees saying they had to complete other work while they were in there, never mentioning it until after they’ve sealed up the wall or put in new parts.

They Warn You of Potential Problems

Qualified plumbers don’t just fix the problem at hand; they warn you about issues that could lead to new problems down the line. For example, a good plumber clears the wastewater pipe of today’s clog, while the best plumbers tell you it is due to the tree roots growing in one meter from the street so you need to have the tree roots trimmed or otherwise addressed. A good plumber fixes the leaks in your pipes, but the most trustworthy ones identify the shifting foundation that caused them in the first place and lets you know what else may break until that’s addressed.

However, a good plumber will not come in for a modest job, warn you of a major disaster and demand that you let them do both the work you planned on and the major new disaster without giving you a good reason, showing you the problem and taking the time to explain it. For example, someone coming in to clear a clogged drain and then saying you must replace the entire sewer pipe right now without showing you their evidence for this and pushing you to sign a contract agreeing to this expensive project is likely a scammer.

They Charge a Reasonable Price for the Work

Plumbers charge for their time and labour and the parts that they use. You probably don’t want to hire the cheapest plumber, since they tend to make up their lowball quotes by adding extra labour, charging for extras or making up charges. They don’t pad their labour costs with a few extra hours, though charging a fee for showing up is not unreasonable. If they screw up, they fix it without charging you for it.

They don’t cut corners by offering to charge you less by using other parts they say they’ve salvaged, and they don’t tell you their low cost is because they don’t bother with insurance or licensing.

In fact, you should ask if the plumber is licensed and insured before they start working on your home and turn them away if they aren’t. They either aren’t qualified to do plumbing work or are denied these credentials due to their poor quality work.

They Respect You and Your Home

Good plumbers respect your time and your home. They don’t say they will arrive at 10 AM and show up closer to noon. They don’t make a major mess and leave you to clean it up. Good plumbers clean up their mess even if it is in an area the homeowner doesn’t use often, such as a hot water closet. They take efforts not to damage your electrical connections and structural elements while repairing your plumbing problems.

So, before you decide to hire a plumber or plumbing company, make sure you keep these instructions in mind. A trustworthy plumber does what they tell you they’ll do and won’t surprise you with new, emergency projects without proving it. They will inform you of potential problems that need to be fixed down the line, including issues that are not fixable by a plumber like a shifting foundation. Reputable plumbers respect you, your home and your time.

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  1. Great post – you’re right, a trustworthy plumber will warn you against anything they spot that might become an issue in the future. A trustworthy plumber will also be more than happy to answer any questions you have about the work they are doing, give you a precise cost for the work done (after inspection) and ensure you are happy with their work.

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