Are shops guilty of gender stereotyping kids?

I have yet again been amazed at how ridiculous the big shops are. You may ask why so I shall explain to you how disappointed I am in their attitude towards gender and clothes for our children.   We went to ASDA  on Saturday because I needed a pair of cheap jeans for my work. While we were there we decided to have a quick look at the summer clothes for our fast approaching holiday. The girls needed flip flops and maybe a pair of crocs for the beach and around the pool. My disgust at the ridiculous behaviour in… [Read More]

Gender Stereotyping

The other day my wife was at a playgroup that the girls attend every week. She was talking to a grandmother and happened to say that M was going to ballet for the first time that night. This person then turned to R and said are you going too so R said no I will be going to Football. The lady then laughed right in front of R.    How wrong is that? What girls can’t play football? She could have easily put R off the idea of playing football. My wife turned around very quickly and said that R’s sister… [Read More]