Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt Review Easter Holiday Activities #AD

We have just started our Easter break and when you have seven year old twin girls my thoughts always turn to activities that I think the girls would enjoy. This is because when you are seven years old you just have to occupy them for every waking moment of the day. So I am always on the look out for fun and new activities we can do together.

The Easter egg hunt is of course a tradition in our household, and this is great, but it would be nice to add a little bit of a different slant to the traditional Easter egg hunt.

So when Wonder Adventures contacted me and asked if I would like to try out one of their treasure hunt packs it was perfect timing and it would definitely add a whole different aspect to the Easter egg hunt.

We decided we would try out the Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt. As the title gives you a little hint it’s all about hunting down dinosaurs. I will also add that this is perfect for birthday parties, Beavers, or in fact any occasion where there are children having fun.

So I went to their website and it was incredibly easy to purchase and download the pack. All I had to do then was print off all the instructions and sign up to the website and we were then good to go.

Preparing the hunt was very easy. You have seven clues and puzzle pieces, and the idea is to hide the clues with one puzzle piece. If you want you can also hide some mini eggs with the clue which of course is totally optional, but why not? It’s Easter so it would be very cruel not to!

So once you have hidden all the clues, this to me is where the treasure hunt gets interesting, and gives it a very different, but very current way of having a treasure hunt.

When you have downloaded the game and signed up you have access to all the clues. You can either play in teams or your children can play against each other. I personally let my twins play together and find the clues together, but this is the fun part. The clues are read out by Ron the Ranger in videos and yes, the sounds of dinosaurs is very loud with fantastic graphics of a T-Rex moving across the screen to get the kids in the mood for a truly awesome treasure hunt.

The clues are pretty easy to work out for most children and off they go running around looking for clues one to seven. As they find each clue they will also will find a piece of the puzzle and of course a chocolate egg. (If you are using a tablet or phone I would recommend that you play the video clues through an external speaker as it will give the treasure hunt a lot more atmosphere).

Before clue 2 is read out by Ron the Ranger there is something a little bit different and OMG! It was so much fun! Ron the Ranger teaches you the Dino Rap song. It was so much fun and the girls and myself loved making all the actions and roaring like dinosaurs. Check us out doing the Dino Rap in the video here.

After you have completed all seven clues your children will also have all seven puzzle pieces. At this point Ron the Ranger comes back to show you how to put the puzzle together and then the kids have a go. Upon their success you can then award them with a certificate for completing the Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt which comes with the game. It will show that they are fully qualified Dino Rangers! You could also give them a treat or even a dinosaur toy.

The Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt is a fun filled activity for children aged 3-8 years old. It sparks their imagination and gets them really thinking about what dinosaur they will find from the clues that Ron the Ranger reads out. In addition the hunt itself is exciting and can be quite manic as they are running around looking for the next clue, excitement levels are at their highest.

This is not only a perfect, but also different way to have an Easter egg hunt. The Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt is perfect for children’s birthday parties. In fact any sort of children’s party or gathering or simply to just play at home with the kids during the school holidays.

The cost of the game is fantastic value at just £12.00 for what will be hours of fun with your children all year around.

I would highly recommend the game, but more importantly my seven year old twin girls would recommend it even more. My girls loved it! A definite 11/10 score. A 5 star game. I also thought the choice of who plays Ron the Ranger is perfect. When he was reading out the clues the girls never took their eyes off the screen, perfect casting.

Check out the full Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt video below!

So what are you waiting for? Go to Wonder Adventures and buy it now! You won’t be disappointed.

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