How To Make The Best Man Cave

Finding some personal space in today’s world can be tough, especially if you have kids running circles around you from the minute you arrive home from work. Often even a moment’s peace enjoyed on the toilet doesn’t go interrupted! So, when you get the opportunity to create your own ‘man cave’, the ideas and designs that rush into your head can give you very high expectations that your DIY skills just can’t match up to. The chance to make your own space can be really exciting, and that excitement can return each time you enter if it’s done properly. Luckily, there are some very useful hacks that can ensure you create the best space possible for your wants and needs, so read on to find out more.

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Location & Materials

The location of your man cave may already have been chosen, but if not then there are several things to consider when making your decisions. Most homeowners rarely use their garages, but they’re a great location to develop as there’s likely already access to light and power. If you’re opting for a shed scenario, identify the right location in the garden. This can be done by finding the flattest and densest area of ground, avoiding being too close to the house or fencing, whilst  essentially not being plonked right in the centre of your garden. The material that you use will ultimately depend on personal preference, but if you’re not so clued up on the different options, you can usually choose from metal, plastic, or a species of wood. Metal is usually the most durable but can be a bit harsh to look at especially if placed in a family environment. Plastic is the most inexpensive option, but isn’t a very aesthetically pleasing compound, nor is it environmentally proactive either. Wood is a very common choice as it’s easy to work with and can often stand the test of time, but is still susceptible to rot eventually or if not treated properly. All 3 have advantages and disadvantages but one will be more suited to your individual situation, so do some research and identify which is the best option.

Choosing A Theme

You may initially ignore the decision or dismiss it as unimportant, but identifying a theme to establish throughout your man cave will make it a bit easier when it comes to decorating and purchasing any fittings or features. Pick a couple of colours you like and get creative when you paint the interior (or exterior) walls. Remember this is your space, so don’t hold back when it comes to making it a bit more personal. If you made this room with the intention of getting some private time to relax, get some bean bags or sofa chairs and make the place really comfortable and cosy. If you want it to be a more multifunctioning workshop area, invest in a miter saw stand, you can use this for DIY purposes and as decor too! If you had more of a party vibe in mind, search for some club-like accessories and invest in a mini bar to get an even more authentic experience. Going with a more rustic theme is probably the best idea if you’re not one for art and design, as this way you don’t have to dwell over the little details, instead just getting the right equipment in order for you to get in there and start making the most of the space as soon as possible.

Installing Electric And Plumbing

Getting a source of electric or power into your man cave is probably one of the most important features. If you’re thinking of doing electrical work on your own, know the risks involved and make someone else close to you aware of the tasks you’re going to do. Evaluate the kinds of fittings you will need, such as lights and their switches, plug sockets and possibly an ariel of some kind. Think ahead with regards to what you may need in the future, like a charging port for laptops and phones or a more advanced system that switches the ceiling from plain white LEDs to flashing coloured disco lights. Its best not to be too outlandish dependent on the type of room you acquire, as it’s not that simple to get power at the end of your garden. Decide whether you would like to install any plumbing, such as a toilet or sink. This might be useful if you’re located some distance from your house, or if you have any cooking equipment or refrigerators inside too.

Keep It Secure

Making sure all of your hard work is protected is a vital aspect of creating and sustaining your man cave. Whether this be to simply protect your little ones if there are any harmful or sharp tools or objects inside, or to ensure any technology or equipment isn’t stolen or damaged. Firstly, invest in some good quality padlocks for any entrances, and never leave a window open even a small amount. You don’t need to install any traps as such, but preventative measures can do a world of good. For those of you who want to stay secure without breaking the bank, install a few fake or no longer functioning CCTV cameras around the area. Anyone who spots them will never know they do not work, but the deterrent will still make them think twice and probably head for the hills.

With this information in mind, you can create an amazing man cave to enjoy for years to come.Test out and improve some of your DIY skills by getting creative and avoiding outsourcing any services for tasks you might be able to complete on your own. The atmosphere and feel of your new space is more important than the way that it looks, so don’t be disheartened if the aesthetic side of things doesn’t all go to plan! Individuality will make your man cave even more personal and enjoyable for you to spend time in, so get creating.


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