Staying Safe Online Protecting Your Privacy

The world we currently live in, and the one our children are growing up in is a solely based technological world. There is no doubt that we couldn’t now survive without the internet. Is that a good or bad thing? Well I guess it depends on your view towards technology.

For me personally I think it’s fantastic and the opportunities that it will offer especially to my children are without a doubt limitless. For that reason I’m all for embracing the internet and everything it has to offer, but…

There is always a but!

More so when it comes to the internet because it is vital that although we must embrace and engage the internet we must at all costs protect our privacy and stay safe online, more so for our children. We as the responsible parent must understand fully what our children are doing online and protect for the sake of their futures.

So here are a few tips that I think are vital when it comes to keeping the family safe and protect their privacy online.

1. IP Address (proxy’s)

What many don’t know about an IP address is that it will identify where in the world you are, and ultimately it will tie your name and address to your IP address. One way around this is a proxy which is ultimately a substitute IP address. This of course will help you stay anonymous with a proxy, which of course will protect your privacy online.

2. Passwords

Whatever website you go on, it could be online banking or shopping for clothes etc, all of these websites will require you to enter your password for access, but usually all your bank details are saved to your account with them so I would highly recommend that you change your passwords on a regular basis. This will hopefully stop anybody from hacking into your accounts.

3. Photographs (Children)

This is something that not many of us think about because like myself we are constantly uploading photos of our children to social media etc. What we don’t think about is that photo is online forever and do we really know who is looking at it? No we don’t have a clue. So if you are uploading photos of children it’s vital you don’t give any signs of where you are from or pictures of them in their school uniforms with the badge showing. It’s so important to be so careful because again these photos stay online for eternity and I’m sure like me you wouldn’t want them getting in the wrong hands.

There is without question so many things you need to do to stay safe online as well as protecting your privacy and this is just a few. I’m sure there are many many more.

I would love to hear what you do to protect your family online and tips or advice you may have.

One thought on “Staying Safe Online Protecting Your Privacy

  1. Especially like the bit about photos of your children – its a tough one that me and the other half speak about a great deal – we try to ensure that things uploaded are not identifiable. Another thing is I use the google suite of cloud tools for docs, photos etc which I hope are pretty secure…..he’s says!

    ps that’s one very tidy desk!

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