Special Moments With My Children

Some special moments in life when it involves your children are very special. These moments are ones that you’ll remember forever and hopefully when you are no longer around your children will remember those special moments too. One such occasion for me was boxing day. It was special because for only the second time this year I had all five of my children in the same room at the same time. This is such a rare occurrence for the simple reason that three of my children are 23, 21 and 19 years of age, then at the other end of… [Read More]

Dad Bloggers Of The UK And The World Lets Unite Together

The dad bloggers of the UK, and the world are becoming, I have noticed, very united as a group that won’t possibly ever rival mum bloggers. However, we have finally become a force to be reckoned with, and that’s something I have not seen in the three and half years that I have been blogging. When I first started there was literally only a handful of dad bloggers that were mentioned or grouped with top mum bloggers, but I have noticed how that has now drastically changed. There are now many dad bloggers that are mentioned as great bloggers alongside… [Read More]