King Of My Castle: My Sunday Photo

On our trip to the beach yesterday my six year old twin girls built me my very own castle. So here I am posing in my castle. Looking very cool even if I do say so myself. Haha! If you are wondering what I’m looking at, the answer is absolutely nothing, I’m practicing my moody, and thoughtful pose, trying my best to look as fake as possible look. Apparently it’s very big on Instagram at the moment. I’m trying my best to make my life interesting and exciting and living the dream, capturing these thought provoking images. The reality is… [Read More]

How Fake Is Social Media? Is It Having A Negative Effect On Society?

Nowadays, we are as a society, so influenced by everything that we see on social media or television. In my opinion it is convincing especially the teenage and younger generations that they should live like this, look like that etc and it’s all false, but it is portrayed in such a way that people think it’s normal, but how normal is it really? I personally don’t think it’s normal, in fact it’s totally fake. I recently tuned into one episode of Love Island. Now I totally understand how addictive a show like this can become, but the show for me… [Read More]