Making Your Home More Secure With The Yale All-in-One Security Camera #AD

Feeling secure in your home is so important, especially for me because I have seven year old twins. The thought of somebody attempting to break into our home is without doubt something that can give you a very uneasy feeling. A few weeks ago my wife went out the back garden early one morning and found our shower room window had been smashed from outside. It was a very unnerving feeling to think that somebody was in our back garden in the dead of night while we slept. attempting to break in. It also made me think very hard about… [Read More]

Improve your Home Security

Yale have realeased an infographic for National Home Security May Day 2016. On it you will find a lot of advice and tips to make your home more secure this summer. It has statistics of the types of jobs that people make a mess of and when it’s better to get the professionals in to do the job for you. It’s a pretty handy infographic! I was staggered to read that 22 billion pounds a year is spent on DIY every year in the UK by homeowners. Being a painter and decorator I was surprised that two of the most… [Read More]