Back To Basics: My Blog

I have been blogging three years this month.

Last Thursday I woke up feeling very disillusioned with blogging and in particular my own blog.

Although I’m very prone to mood swings, which I’m sure my wife can testify to, in fact a rollercoaster ride could actually be safer, haha!

My mood swings have at times have made me delete all social media from my phone. Yes, I know very childish, but sometimes the whole blogging and social media can become just to obsessive.

I have quite simply lost my way, I’m not sure where I want my blog to be in the next few months, let alone the next couple of years.

I have reached a crossroads and it’s difficult to know which way to go at the moment. I have been so lucky, especially with the amount of opportunities I have received this year in particular, but it has also confused me to what I’m blogging for and for whom.

I never started my blog with the sole intention of monetising it, and it’s not entirely monetised now, but yes it does earn and it without question helps towards a certain standard of life that me and my family have and enjoy.

The question is, am I enjoying the blog in the same way as I did when I started three years ago?

The answer is most likely not because way back when I wrote for myself, nobody read it, so it didn’t really matter.

It was my release of emotions, my therapy to help me work out my life, and lay many ghosts to rest.

Then it changed.

All of a sudden I had deadlines, reviews and commitments to stand by. I’m not moaning because I enjoy the money like anybody would, but the realisation that finally struck me a few days ago was I now operate two businesses. One as a painter and decorator and the other as a blogger. The latter has been a struggle for me to come to terms with. The truth is without question my blog is now a business, which is the hard bit because I need the balance of the blog being my therapy, but also run it as a business.

After a few days off from posting any articles I have come to the conclusion that I need to get back to basics. Which means…

1. Writing about my life, family, children and DIY, which is why I started in the beginning. I just wanted to share my view and take on parenting, but also my passion for DIY.

2. I need to be more selective in the opportunities that I am offered. It is so easy to take everything on and this consequently leaves me less time to write about what is important to me.

I have re-evaluated my blog and what I want from it. I have never understood what made people read my blog, it has always left me bemused. Although I am so grateful people find it interesting and take the time to read.

I am after a balance of organic and sponsored work so I can get back to basics and the reason I started blogging. Which is fun and enjoyable, because of recent times it has felt a bit laboured and actually not much fun.

There probably won’t be any noticeable difference, other than the fact I need to put some life and passion back into my writing.

So help me through this interesting moment in relation to my blog, I decided to go on an SSS moment, which is Saturday Sunday spending!

Retail therapy is so good to take your mind off other things. I have to say it actually worked and by Sunday night I was feeling much more positive. Although everything that was bought was for my twin girls oh yes, and a laminator for my wife!

I did managed to buy myself a 12 pack of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, which definitely put a smile on my face only to be wiped off, when I realised I had to share them!

Do you ever take a step back and wonder about where you want your blog to be in a few years time? I would love to hear.

19 thoughts on “Back To Basics: My Blog

  1. I get this mate. Exactly the same feelings I had a few months ago about our YouTube channel. We posted daily and ended up feeling like we were posting for other people’s pleasure and not our own. It’s good you can reflect on this as many bloggers couldn’t.. your brilliant at what you do but you gotta enjoy it so back to basics is a great idea!!

  2. Yes, it’s always good to step back and evaluate and I’ve had moments during particularly brand-heavy phases (like Christmas and Father’s Day) when I’ve wondered what I’m doing. I think that, as long as you stay true to why you started blogging and make that a key part of the balance, everything else will sort itself out. 🙂

  3. My blog is still in it’s very early stages, and therefore read by only a few discerning bods whom I lure in via Facebook. I would love to weaponize it; or should that be monetise? Regardless, I’m not thinking that far ahead as my mind feels so much clearer now that I’ve had an outpouring of thought.

    The process of writing has ignited something within, as I now take tentative steps towards a new career in freelance writing and proofreading: didn’t see that one coming.

    In the short time I’ve been reading your blog I’ve appreciated your thoughts on parenthood from a male perspective. I’m so glad to have found a community of men who celebrate parenthood and aren’t shy to shout about it.

    I hope you rekindle your enthusiasm. I’m sure once you’ve struck a balance that feels right, you’ll be back on track and having fun.


  4. You should start vlogging Nige… I mean, there’s a sh*t ton of editing… but atleast you don’t have to spell check. Being selective over jobs is a must… I hope you find your balance – If not we can always give yoga another bash.

  5. Totally get this. I’ve been doing this too recently; well, the last couple of months. Time is at a premium and I haven’t felt like writing. I have loads of posts half written. Got to get back in the habit. I don’t have much of a following anyway. And what seems popular isn’t necessarily what I want to write about. So back to basics could be the key lesson here. Nice one, Nige.

  6. I feel the same Nigel. My Content gets reads but no engagement and I’m thinking is it crap and why am I doing it. No doubt the financial side has made our lives just liveable after my wifes PND but some days it’s not fun.

  7. Yes I wonder that all the time. I’m just over a year blogging and keep re-evaluating. I stop for a week but then get excited about writing again. Thank you for sharing.


  8. blogging is a lot of work and I often feel like its my second job as well. The thing about any job is that you need to enjoy doing it. The great thing about this one is that I’m the boss. I just spent a week on vacation and never even thought about my blog. Now that I’m back I feel a bit of pressure to get back to it before too much time passes, but whether that means something new out today or tomorrow, well we’ll see what happens. Whatever it is I end up writing, it will be whatever I want , not what I think will get the most views. I’m aware of my numbers and have a monthly average that I try and get to, knowing that if I fall below that it lowers my chances of getting offered anything sponsored to work on, but also try and be selective about what I accept. Its a hard balance and I think its normal to get overwhelmed by it every once in a while. #triumphnattales

  9. Best of luck to you in finding your mojo again. As a newbie blogger you are one of the ones I look to for inspiration. So thank you for what you have done so far. #TriumphantTales

  10. Too true Nigel, although I’m nowhere near as accomplished as your good self I often get lost in thought about why do I blog, then a great idea or thought kicks in and it’s back to it. Great read, thank you..#triumphantTales

  11. Find me someone who doesn’t wonder where their blog will be in a few years time, doesn’t get disillusioned with it or think about jacking it in (every other day!)

    While I’ve got people reading the stuff I write, my rants and my opinions, i’ll continue to write. But I’m always aware I’m a small fish in a big pond and getting noticed is very unlikely. That’s a hard pill to swallow but I need to swallow the pill otherwise I’ll be disappointed.

    Just do you. Write about what you enjoy and don’t lose that focus. #bloggersbest

  12. OMG I have been saying exactly the same thing this week. Deadlines, invoices, multiple posting before I’m at back at work. I am so grateful for the work and money but I want to write my own stuff and I am started to again when back at work. Like you I’m not going to accept everything. Great post and thanks for sharing with #bloggersbest

  13. I feel the same way. I have been studiously avoiding taking money for my blog, I’m afraid once I get a taste of it I’ll just want more. Then my blog would no longer be the fun project in my life. #BloggersBest

  14. I find blogging is like a hobby to me and once you try turning a hobby into a business, quite often a lot of the pleasure goes out it. a few years ago i looked at monetising my blog and it was too much hard work, so i left it as it was, i enjoy it more again and still get opportunities to do reviews and for paid opportunities #triumphanttales

  15. I often feel the same and have to sit back and remember why I started. I don’t get that many opportunities and I have learnt to only do reviews of stuff I actually want. When I do they all come together and deadlines loom. They take the fun away but I absolutely love getting toys for my grandson, seeing his face when a parcel arrives is worth the stress.

  16. Oh I feel you! I am suffering with this right now and really need a kick up the arse!! I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling this. There has to be a happy medium and I’m struggling to find it!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back tomorrow!

  17. Brilliant post Nigel, I have been thinking about this for a while now, I feel like all I seem to do is write reviews. try and keep to deadlines and barely write any of the posts I used to ….from the heart. I think I need to go back to the basics too.

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