Video Special: I find out what bad driving habits I’ve passed down to my daughter with Ageas #ad

I have always thought that I was a good driver. Maybe not the best in the world, but I consider myself to be safe and aware of any potential dangers on the road. I have always tried to observe and have full concentration whilst driving, but I recently found out how wrong I was!

This is my daughter and myself finding out where we are going to drive to.

When I was approached by Ageas to be filmed whilst not only whilst I was driving, but also with 20 year old daughter driving too, I was curious to see the results!

Even though it’s been three years since she passed her driving test she has not driven since passing due to the fact that she went off to university and quite simply didn’t need a car. Secondly I have never been a passenger in the car while my daughter has driven. I’ll be honest, a little panic set in! This could be very interesting to say the least, and it’s all going to be captured on film!

The idea behind the campaign is to find out if we as parents are passing on bad driving habits to our children. Really? I can’t believe I have any bad driving habits, haha! Sadly I have more than I care to mention, but what made this just a little more nerve wracking was the fact that we had a member of the film crew in the back of car with us…or did we?

The film crew member who was in the car with us we were told was there for health and safety reasons. I remember saying ok and thinking that’s strange, but thought nothing more of it. However, it turned out I should have been suspicious because she was actually a qualified driving instructor observing all of my daughter and I’s bad driving habits! I was soon about to find out all about my bad driving habits!

We were given our destination and the car was all decked out with cameras to film us. It was decided that my daughter, Emily, would drive to our destination with me navigating. This in itself is not the best idea, as I will openly admit that I’m not good with my left and right so giving her directions is solely based upon instructions such as that lane, over there and lots of hand gestures! However, we did manage to get there in one piece with just the odd moment of difficulty and just the one near miss!

My impression of the entire experiment of passing on my bad driving habits to my children is that sadly yes, I believe I have! My daughter, Emily, has watched me driving since she was a little girl and there is no doubt that some of my bad habits have been passed onto her from just observing me driving for many years. One great example of this is that I tend to drive with just one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the gearstick. This is something that Emily did a lot of whilst driving.

Emily’s observation skills were also brought into question, and again this something that I am guilty of at times. There is no doubt that after years of watching me drive that I have passed on plenty of bad driving habits.

It was a bit surprising to discover that we were also being observed by a trained driving instructor, and hearing her comments afterwards was a real eye opener for my daughter and I.

Here is our selfie with Nicole the undercover driving instructor

Ageas have put together a video of bloggers, Jo (Slummy Single Mummy), Ali (Mum in a Nutshell) and myself, with our children driving, and it makes for really interesting viewing. In fact it feels just like the #driveofyourlife Check out the full video here.

You can also check out the full video of my daughter Emily and I, which I found at times hysterical, and I found watching it back that it’s me that could do with some refresher lessons! Check out our full video here.

You can also view Jo and her daughter driving here and Ali and her son driving here.

There is also some bloopers videos which you can view here and here.

My daughter Emily and Myself are also featured on Ageas Uk website here.

Disclosure: This post was produced in collaboration with Ageas uk. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

20 thoughts on “Video Special: I find out what bad driving habits I’ve passed down to my daughter with Ageas #ad

  1. I think it’s a great campaign. I am sure we all have bad driving habits that are unconsciously passed to our children. Loved the second video , BTW.


  2. I’m sure I have plenty of bad habits, I think it’s natural to pick up ‘perceived shortcuts’ after a long time on the road. I’ll be checking my driving today.

  3. Oh dear! I think we’re all ‘in the same boat’ on this one. I’m thinking of some new licence categories this year so I suppose I’ll find out then how bad I’ve gotten!!

  4. That’s brilliant! My daughter has been driving for about 8 months and although she’s a great driver, I worry that she has picked up bad habits too. What a great campaign. #thatfridaylinky

  5. I am off to watch the videos now….but I have a theory. I will bet your daughter is the better driver. Don’t take that personally Nigel, but she’s not passed her test so she#’s danger everywhere and is therefore more cautious. Then again, you aren’t the boy-racer type. I’d sit in the passenger seat with you at the wheel! Fascinating experiment from Aegis. Thanks for hosting #thatfridayllinky

  6. what a fun campaign. Our oldest just got her license but is currently living in Arizona with her aunt. Its weird that I actually have no idea how she is as a driver. I know that both the girls have picked up a few new swear words from being in the car with me #thatfridaylinky

  7. Well that’s food for thought! You don’t really think about what driving habits are learned I guess you just assume they don’t really pay attention until they start to drive! #ThatFridayLinky

  8. This is a great campaign, and a great eye-opener too! These kids, they pick up on everything we do, whether we admit it or not! You are a brave sole too! My girls always say that I drive slow (the speed limit) and Ema, my Mrs., she drives fast (lead footed a bit). #thatfridaylinky xo

  9. It would be interesting to see what habits I’ve picked up from my parents. To be honest, my mums a bad driver and the comments i’ve had about mine means I’m probably the same… stands to reason why I’ve not got my pink card yet! #thatfridaylinky

  10. Interesting topic, I never learned to drive and should have done really as a tribute to my late Dad who was a police driver so had very advanced skills – have never felt as safe in a car as I did with him #ThatFridayLinky

  11. It’s hard isn’t it? I’m currently taking driving lessons – I’m a late starter. But it does make me more aware, when I’m in the car with others of all the things they’re doing that my instructor would tell me off for! Thanks for sharing. C #ThatFridayLinky

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