Blogging Has Given Me The Opportunity To Be On The Radio

I have been blogging for nearly five years and there is no doubt that it has taken me on some truly awesome adventures and given me opportunities I never in my wildest dreams thought possible.

When I started writing that first post I never had any plan, or in truth even knew what I was doing! I thought I will just write a few posts and see what happens. It was just a bit of fun and in lots of ways that is exactly what it still is today.

The other day I read a post by Tayla from Motherhood The Real Deal, read the post here, about how she has built her own personal brand and basically how strange that is because it is not something you do intentionally but you are building a brand all the same. This comes from hard work and Tayla could not be more right. I guess this is what I have done. I’ve built a brand, and the fact that somebody reads anything I have written still amazes me, but I will be eternally grateful that people do read it because without them I would never have a blog.

This year has brought something new to my world that I have to admit I am loving and that’s going on the radio. A couple of years ago I started doing a bit of local radio with BBC Radio Wales. This was done with me at home linked to the studio and would probably last about 10 minutes, but this year that all changed when I was approached by BBC Radio Five Live to be a part of their School Runnings segment on The Real Nihal radio show. It was something that I didn’t think yes I want to do this immediately, as was a little bit nervous about going on national radio. Of course I needn’t have been. I went to my local BBC studio and I was looked after brilliantly. Nihal couldn’t have been nicer he was so relaxed and this consequently made me feel very relaxed and gave me a truly awesome experience.

What changed my mind was actually quite simple. I just thought why not do. It will be fun and interesting and more importantly this year I have decided to seize opportunities that come my way and enjoy them. Going on the radio has been a total buzz and I guess this has also pointed out to me that, yes, I have built a personal brand because how else would I have been noticed by the BBC?

The strange part for me is although I am a father of five children I really don’t consider myself an expert in parenting so to be talking all things parenting on national radio feels a little bit surreal, but throughly enjoyable all the same. Long may it last!

The last time I was on the radio was about two weeks ago and I shared the segment with Tayla. It was brilliant and I feel we complimented each other perfectly. So the next time I’m on the radio I really hope I’m paired with Tayla again.

Are you a blogger and does it surprise you the opportunities that come your way through blogging? I would love to hear in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Blogging Has Given Me The Opportunity To Be On The Radio

  1. I think it’s great Nige! Always go out of my way to listen/watch your media appearances.

    I got asked to speak at an event the other day and it blew my mind.

    Keep up the great work Nige!

  2. It’s mad where blogging can take you, isn’t it? Like you, I never imagined it would amount to anything but have been very pleasantly surprised with the opportunities that have come my way. I love doing radio and always look forward to my next appearance – which is pencilled in for this week as it happens!

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