What water pressure should a house have?

When you turn the tap on, you expect your water to come out at a reasonable pressure. It’s very easy to spot if your supply has suddenly dropped, and the pressure is low, or if the pressure has increased noticeably. Both a rise or a fall in your water pressure can cause problems, so let’s have a look at what might be the cause of your problems, and who to contact if your water supply isn’t doing what it’s supposed to!     What is the recommended water pressure for a household supply? Water pressure will vary, depending on how far away… [Read More]

8 Family Cost-Cutting Techniques to Try Today

Cutting costs and looking after your family at the same time can be tough. Not only do you have to deal with the regular monthly expenses like food, gas, electricity, and the mortgage, but it also feels as though we’re plagued with countless unexpected costs too. Everything from a kid needing a new pair of shoes, to a suddenly expensive dental treatment can leave your budget in the gutter. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to start living a more frugal lifestyle as a family. With a handful of the following tips, you could find that… [Read More]